Cambium Networks: Connects the Unconnected

Rajiv Kapoor, Vice President, India & SAARC

Rajiv Kapoor, Vice President, India & SAARC, Cambium Networks speaks about the USP of Cambium Networks that is flexibility to adapt to evolving consumer needs and scalability to help grow networks. 

What is Cambium Networks’ market presence in the Indian market?

Ans: Our journey in India is shaping up very well ever since our foray in the market about three years back. Our wireless connectivity enabling solutions have made significant penetration in popular sectors such as education, hospitality, telecom, smart cities, and digital villages to name a few. We have also turned out distinct success stories such as enabling a cricket stadium with wireless connectivity or assisting in quick revival of network connectivity for areas hit by natural calamities.

Furthermore, the India centre also plays a key role in the research and development pursuits. Our centre in Bengaluru is focused on this aspect and thus the India facility plays a key role in driving global innovations and technology advancements.

What is the range of products that Cambium Networks is offering to the partners?

Cambium offers a wide array of services ranging from Industrial Iot, local governance, School and Campus Wi-Fi solutions to managed services and broadband services. Our objective is to bring the best wireless and effortless connectivity to our clients and offer reliable services that will ensure best-in-class technology.  In addition to wireless connectivity, we also cater to Wi-Fi for handhelds, CCTV surveillance over RF and Wi-Fi.

What is the nature of operations in the Indian market? Does Cambium Networks also explore the R&D aspect in India?

In India, our engagement in India goes beyond just traditional services and we cater to sectors ranging from telco services to sectors as diverse as Education, Hospitality, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Wind Farms, Mining, Transportation and many more. During our association with leading ISPs and telcos, our solutions have also been part of many critical events like the Bangalore Airforce Air show 2019, Chennai Stadium for IPL season 2018 & 2019. We have also jointly built success stories with India’s leading educational institutes such as IIM. Additionally, we have tapped into the hospitality sector with clients such as Sahara Star Hotel, Mumbai and Radisson Hotel.

Additionally indeed the India market plays a key role in the overall R&D pursuits. As mentioned, the Bangalore centre is a significant contributor to our innovation development objectives.

What are the USPs of Cambium Networks’ products in the market?

Our primary focus is to connect the unconnected. Our USP has always been flexibility to adapt to evolving consumer needs and scalability to help grow networks.  Furthermore we aim to provide services that are rigorous and reliable over the long term and offer services that are manageable and user friendly.

How do Cambium Networks’ products assist in the growth of your partners in the market?

Our products deliver full-fledged services as well as specially curated ones that help our clients with wireless connectivity and increasing bandwidth consumption, streaming video, and a world of new data. Additionally, we have a value-added distribution network to ensure optimum value sell to our customers.

What is Cambium Networks’ partner strategy?

Cambium Networks sells through a range of distributors and resellers around the world to meet the needs of our customers. Our ConnectedPartner program has been recognized with the CRN Partner Program 5 Star Award in 2016, 2017 and 2018.

What is Cambium Networks’ marketing strategy?

Our theme is to Connect the Unconnected – People, Places and Things. Our indoor and outdoor networking solutions covering distances from a few meters to more than 100 kilometers and providing throughput capacity from kilobytes to gigabytes per second, and support enterprise, industrial and service provider networks around the world.

Who do you consider as your competitors in the market?

Because we offer a wide range of solutions and cater to a huge spectrum of services and sectors, there are no singled out peers we look at as competition. However, we do strive to enhance our solutions to cater to the ever expanding needs of various industries and consumers, hence constantly reinvent ourselves to suit the landscape.

What is your roadmap for the next year?

For the year ahead, we aspire to enhance connectivity and re-model ourselves based on the needs of our clients within the country, including the corporate giants as well as government bodies. We aim to bridge the urban and rural gap while creating an extensive network converging across all sectors. We plan on continuing further on this path of expansion as we have already set up base in Tier 2 cities.

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