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Enterprises & customers are opting for Passwordless future: LoginRadius

LoginRadius has released a white paper discovering common password issues, plus the passwordless solutions that enterprises use to successfully improve customer experience. The whitepaper outlines the challenges of username/password authentication, consumer trends in creating and managing passwords, secure & streamlined authentication methods, benefits of password less authentication etc.

Among other things, the whitepaper proposes the following Customer Access Solutions –


An authentication method is called passwordless when no password is being stored. Instead, your customers gain access to your website or app through an access code or link that you send to their phone or email .One of the most popular passwordless methods used today is One Time Password (OTP).A no-password solution means better security and no-hassle sign-ins.

Biometric Authentication

Within the past few years, biometric authentication has become quite common and includes:

  • Fingerprint: Using TouchID, users authenticate in real-time by scanning their thumbprint on a mobile device that is matched to an image on file.
  • Facial Recognition: FaceID allows a user to authenticate in real-time by taking a selfie that is then compared to an image on file.
  • Voice Authentication: This technology analyzes a customer’s voice for unique characteristics, then matches that to a voiceprint on file.
  • Gesture Biometrics: Another futuristic passwordless method being used today is called gesture biometrics. According to BioCatch, the software company who provides the Royal Bank of Scotland with this functionality, this system can detect imposters with 99 percent accuracy.

As Technology pervades our lives, the need to remember Passwords has grown considerably. Weak Passwords and poorly managed Login methods have become a Pain Point for Both Enterprises and Customers, With Severe Security Repercussions. In Recent Years, Customers Have Gotten A Big Wakeup Call About The Value Of Their Personal Data And Risks Associated With It.

Therefore Deepak Gupta, Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder, LoginRadius.says “We At LoginRadius, Are Helping Business Inspire Customer Confidence And Prepare For Password-Less Future With Our Solutions While Complying With Data Privacy Regulations, ”

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