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The Buzzword of Today’s Communications: Video Conferencing

Pramod Sharda, CEO - IceWarp India & Middle East

Video conferencing has been prevalent for a long-time now no wonder about it and due to the current trend of remote working, it’s on a whirlwind of demand, from small and medium enterprises to large enterprises, everyone needs it. Since we are rapidly moving from an increasingly-digital world to one that is digital-only, there is an increasingly high demand for seamless end-to-end encrypted Video Conferencing Solutions, in the era of lockdowns, social-distancing and work-from-home culture.

In sharp contrast with the downslides of many businesses, the online meeting technology business is booming. In fact, video conferencing has saved the business ecosystem with its remarkable contribution to business communications and operations. Studies show that around 48% of information workers used the video conferencing tools earlier and with the pandemic in the last 6 months, the numbers have almost doubled.

In response to the global shift in work models, usage patterns and that customer feedback enhanced features and conveniences are innovated in the video conferencing and collaboration products focusing on a bevy of new aspects that make remote work more pleasant, simple, personalized, and secured for end-users as well as the IT and AV administrators that support them. There has been a progressive development of capabilities to enable the end customers to attain their tasks using the video mode of connectivity with the team, vendors, and users.

With our insights on the video conferencing consumers, we found some key areas that make it a choice of the many, globally.

Being user-friendly

It is easy to host a meeting or invite someone to join a meeting with a link that can be shared over a mail.

Time saving mode

Travel-time is zeroed in with video meetings as there is no traffic blockage in access.


Pandemic has led people across the globe to bring down costs, Video-conferencing cuts the travel time and costs incurred otherwise.

Speed and efficiency

Organizing a meeting involves various factors such as reaching the place, whereas a video meeting can happen instantly and enable better results with the faster processes.

Bridging the gaps

Sometimes, due to the distance many meetings are either canceled or not found feasible, there is no such issue with a video conference.


Work needs to be displayed to discuss about it and screen-sharing solves this in the video meeting. By sharing your screen one has the ability to show friends, colleagues or clients any data that is on your device without ever having to send any files; this can include presentations, documents, images, and even videos.


Going for a meeting involves physical energy whereas video meeting is at the comfort of home/office and involves no travel.

Safe and secure (End to encrypted solutions)

Data privacy is a major concern and video meeting with trusted partners ensures the privacy of the information. A communication solution wherein no one is monitoring the network or eavesdropping the conversation.

To summarize, carrying out remote collaboration can be daunting and difficult. For example, obstacles we face while working on a team project or sharing inputs on a crucial pitch deck, the struggle is real. But virtual workspace is now the new normal and certainly the future too. It is well-known that for effective teamwork one needs to focus on organization, team architecture, technology, and network.

In today’s world, there is a constant requirement to understand tomorrow and the fact that future lies on teams collaborating with 100% dedication. However, this can be achieved remotely by optimizing resources and doing everything as remotely as possible. Apparently, while security breaches and data privacy is a major concern, organizations are in a constant lookout for a customized end to end encrypted collaborative solution to fulfill the need of the hour.

By: Pramod Sharda, CEO – IceWarp India & Middle East

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