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Genesys Drives the Future of Personalized AI-Powered Experiences at Xperience 2024

Tony Bates

Genesys expands automation, analytics and conversational intelligence across the Genesys Cloud platform with new Copilots, Virtual Agents, Empathy Detection and Modern Agent Workspace

Today at Xperience 2024, Genesys unveiled multiple innovations to accelerate the impact of AI, empowering organisations to scale end-to-end personalisation, elevate employee performance and drive continuous optimisation. As a global leader in AI-powered experience orchestration, the company’s expanded capabilities further strengthen the Genesys Cloud™ event data platform, helping organisations deliver more contextual conversations and manage customer journeys fuelled by deeper insights, conversational intelligence and analytics.  

From navigating AI hype, a difficult economy and declining consumer loyalty, among other challenges, it’s increasingly complex to be a business leader. Genesys is combining the power of generative, conversational and predictive AI across Genesys Cloud to pave the way for organisations to improve customer and employee relationships and unlock business value in the contact centre and beyond.

“With the transformative power of Genesys Cloud, its pervasive AI capabilities and global reach, we believe no one is positioned better than Genesys to usher in the future, today.”

– Tony Bates, Chairman & CEO, Genesys

Genesys Cloud innovations will enable organisations to deliver the next era of experiences driven by a stronger AI-human partnership. This comes to life through expanded Genesys Cloud AI capabilities announced today that enhance how businesses interact with customers, boost employee efficiency and effectiveness, and unlock deeper automation and analytics. Additionally, Genesys Cloud now includes native Journey Management, helping organisations to build, monitor and visualise customer interactions and use those insights to maximise the impact of Genesys Cloud AI through improved automation, prediction and conversational intelligence. With new levels of understanding, it’s now easier for organisations to fine-tune customer journeys into more personalised experiences across every touchpoint.

“AI is rapidly accelerating the future of customer engagement into orchestrated, fluid experiences that become true business differentiators,” said Tony Bates, Genesys Chairman and CEO. “With the transformative power of Genesys Cloud, its pervasive AI capabilities and global reach, we believe no one is positioned better than Genesys to usher in the future, today.”   

Genesys Cloud AI Innovations  

Customer adoption of Genesys Cloud AI continues to accelerate, with annual recurring revenue (ARR) for AI capabilities reaching approximately $100 million in the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2024. Today more than 40% of Genesys Cloud customers are using the platform’s AI capabilities. This is highlighted by a more than 4X increase in automatic summaries generated in the first quarter of fiscal year 2025 in comparison to the prior quarter; 5X growth in customer conversations orchestrated by predictive routing in the last 12 months; and one-third of its customers now use speech and text analytic capabilities from Genesys Cloud Workforce Engagement Management.

The latest AI capabilities for Genesys Cloud will continue to propel organisations by helping them harness deeper insights to enhance customer loyalty by improving self- and assisted-service experiences while boosting employee performance and productivity.

  • Copilots support employees in real time via large language model-based automated assistants for agents, available now, with supervisors and administrators coming soon.
  • Virtual Agents offer next-generation self-service experiences, helping organisations automate more sophisticated customer interactions than what’s previously been possible.
  • Empathy Detection delivers industry-leading speech and text analytics to bolster employee engagement and training, making customers feel seen, heard and understood.
  • Modern Agent Workspace will host dynamic, new AI-powered experiences, offering agents a configurable desktop to consume context, data and insights more quickly.

Native Genesys Cloud Journey Management  

With the availability of Journey Flows and Journey Analyser, the first phase of Journey Management capabilities embedded in Genesys Cloud are here, giving organisations instant access to powerful customer journey analytics and purpose-built visualisations. Genesys Cloud AI can then use these insights to continually enrich training, knowledge and data, helping organisations optimise their customer journeys.

These innovations follow the company’s recent acquisition of Radarr Technologies, which, when integrated with Genesys Cloud, gives organisations access to customer insights and interaction capabilities across public social media channels. Additionally, capabilities from Radarr will add more depth to the Genesys Cloud platform through its models for attitudinal, sentiment and interaction analysis of social media and rich data insights as a critical source of its 360-degree customer view fuelling Genesys Cloud AI. In advance of native integration for Genesys Cloud, customers are already accessing capabilities from Radarr through an integration now available on the Genesys AppFoundry Marketplace.

Genesys Cloud Operations Are Now Carbon Neutral   

To achieve the company’s goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2030, Genesys is committed to embedding sustainability across the organisation, contributing to a better future for the planet and its more than 8,000 customers and 6,000 employees around the world. Genesys is proud to report that the operations of Genesys Cloud are now carbon neutral— a milestone achieved in part by the company’s expansion of customer access to more energy-efficient cloud services through use of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and investment in carbon credits with Rubicon Carbon to cover residual emissions. With a focus on mitigating its impact on the environment and enhancing value to its customers, Genesys is helping organisations like Swisscom innovate with a sustainable AI-powered platform.  

Partner and Customer Momentum

Genesys is at the forefront of the AI-powered experience orchestration industry through relationships with top global companies, including AWS, Salesforce, Deloitte Digital and TTEC Digital. This is most recently highlighted by last week’s announcement with ServiceNow, the AI platform for business transformation. Genesys and ServiceNow entered a strategic partnership to help organisations elevate customer and employee experiences by bringing the best of their platform capabilities together to unite customer service teams, centralise work routing and accelerate workforce productivity.

During Xperience, Genesys announced winners for its 19th annual Customer Innovation Awards, recognising companies for driving exceptional business results by delivering differentiated customer and employee experiences.

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