Versa SASE Delivers Success to Real-World Customers  

Versa Networks announced that feedback from Versa SASE customers and partners reveals its comprehensive integrated architecture delivers improved security and performance with significant cost and time savings over competing disparate solutions which stitch together security, routing, and SD-WAN.

Customers deploying the unique Single-Pass Parallel Processing architecture found in VOS (Versa Operating System) are able to achieve the industry’s most comprehensive integration of SASE networking and security elements in a single software image, including SD-WAN, routing, Next Generation Firewall (NGFW), Secure Web Gateway (SWG), private access, IDS/IPS, CASB, Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware, Role-Based Access Control, and User and Entity Behavior Analytics. As a result, Versa customers are saving up to 80 percent in costs when deploying Versa SASE compared to competitive solutions which require adding SASE services.

“There are numerous security vendors on the market that deliver individual components of our SASE strategy,” said Lance Brophy, IT Director of Operations Transformation with Thornton Tomasetti. “Many of these solutions require proprietary hardware and have different management consoles that add unnecessary complexity and result in added effort for our IT organization to support. We were attracted to Versa’s consolidated approach combining SD-WAN with cloud security, next generation firewall, threat management, and role-based access control – all in a single software stack. These products are traditionally packaged separately but Versa gave us the ability to manage different SASE components under one intuitive interface, significantly reducing complexity and costs.”

In addition, organizations are reducing deployment time of the security and networking implementations needed for SASE to 12 minutes with Versa SASE zero-touch provisioning. Through a single management interface, Versa Concerto and Versa Titan for Lean IT address the orchestration needs for a SASE deployment, which organizations reveal can take up to two weeks for other SASE solutions. Finally, Versa SASE delivers increased security and consistent SASE security policies across all branches, remote offices, and individual users, eliminating security gaps and vulnerabilities introduced when connecting multiple security solutions. Customers deploying Versa SASE are also experiencing significant increases in business and application performance for multi-cloud and on-premises deployments.

“Implementing SASE to enable remote access, teleworking, remote-education, and work-from-home is critical for the growth of OmniClouds, our customers, and our partners this year,” said Amr Eid, CEO and Board Member, OmniClouds. “We wanted to reduce the complexity of managing our diverse workforce and partner ecosystem through a work or ‘collaborate-from-anywhere’ solution that delivers networking and security services consistently across the cloud and on-premises. Versa SASE enabled us to achieve 50-percent improvement in latency and user experience, as well as improve conferencing for hundreds of our work-from-home users. Most importantly, we have expanded our customer and subscriber base by more than 40x because Versa delivers the high performance and easy management that we were looking for to accelerate our business.”

Versa customers have seen unprecedented deployment and configuration speeds, giving them the ability to reduce time to market and accelerate their business. Examples of Versa customers achieving rapid SASE deployment results include:

  • a workspace company which was able to activate and install new sites within 12 minutes of arriving on site;
  • a utility company which was able to stand up all of their sites with LTE in a single weekend;
  • a staffing company was able to bring up three sites in less than 30 minutes; and
  • an engineering firm had multiple locations activated within 3 days all with high availability.

“It was a very easy decision for us to go with Versa Titan as the core of our SASE strategy because it reduced the time and money our IT organization would have otherwise needed to spend when cobbling together networking and security services,” said Bill Warneke, IT Manager with Thermo King Christensen. “Versa Titan delivers SASE services such as SD-WAN, data security in the cloud, private network access, and secure web gateways in an easy-to-use and intuitive manner. Our requirement was to have a flexible, cloud-native solution that can install and activate branch sites with the minimal amount of burden on our IT team. We can now get a site up and running in a secure manner in the matter of minutes, not days thanks to Versa Titan.”

Versa delivers tightly integrated SASE via the cloud, on-premises, or as a blended combination of both via VOS with a Single-Pass Parallel Processing architecture. Versa first delivered SASE services such as VPN, Secure SD-WAN, Edge Compute Protection, NGFW, Next Generation-Firewall as a Service, SWG, and Zero Trust Network Access nearly 5 years ago. Versa uniquely provides contextual security based on user, role, device, application, location, security posture of the device, and content. As the leader in Secure SD-WAN and SASE executing on the SASE vision for years, Versa is the only solution proven to deliver the industry’s leading and differentiated architecture for high performance and security. Gartner recently identified Versa SASE as having the most SASE components out of the 56 vendor products Gartner evaluated.

Unlike competing solutions, Versa SASE was built from the ground up to deliver a tightly integrated SASE solution within a single software stack, eliminating service chaining, cascading, and virtual interconnect between services, which is required by competitors. Competing solutions have hidden costs and gaps in security because they require multiple product and service components. Achieving visibility and control from solutions requiring service chaining to connect multiple components together proves ineffective, increasing the costs and attack surfaces for organizations. Versa ACE Partners are uniquely able to offer a cost-effective and simple-to-quote solution rather than stitching together multiple vendors to achieve a single SASE solution.

“We were looking for a SASE solution to achieve consistent networking and network security via the cloud in a way that consolidates costs and complexity,” said Muhammad Hanif, IT Director & Head of Global Infrastructure & Cloud, Bio-Rad. “Managing multiple solutions with proprietary hardware, different software licenses, and disjointed management consoles is expensive and time-consuming. Our requirement was to consolidate SD-WAN and security in a single place that is easy-to-deploy, easy-to-use, and cost efficient. Versa helped us achieve the simplicity in deployment, management, and costs that we were looking for when implementing a SASE strategy. Versa technology was deployed across 130 locations globally in 100 days.”

Businesses which implement Versa SASE with a single, integrated software solution will see consistent policy implementation, granular visibility and control, reduced attack surfaces, dramatically lower latency, and unprecedented application performance. SASE will see an astronomical increase in adoption in 2021 because of its benefits, integration, and ease of implementation. In a time when uncertainty is the norm, having certainty in how networking and security services are delivered – whether in the cloud, at a data center, branch offices, or to home offices while taking into context the user and device – is essential for business continuity and productivity. Adoption of SASE is fundamental for business continuity to deliver consistent policies to protect access and optimize performance.

“Versa SASE offers organizations the certainty of cost consolidation, reduction in complexity, and increased security,” said Apurva Mehta, Co-founder and CTO with Versa Networks. “Versa is the only vendor to deliver SASE capabilities with a single-pass architecture in one software stack that is cost efficient, easy to deploy and manage, and increases an organization’s security posture. In addition to the cost savings and best-of-breed security, customers and partners tell us they are particularly impressed with the resiliency and increased performance seen with Versa SASE.”

Versa SASE runs on VOS™, which is designed with the Versa Single-Pass Parallel Processing architecture which combines extensive security, advanced networking, industry leading SD-WAN, genuine multitenancy, and sophisticated analytics into one software image. This integration and design methodology dramatically decreases latency, significantly improves performance, and mitigates security vulnerabilities which other solutions introduce by running multiple software stacks, service chains, or appliances.

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