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A helping hand in need

Biren Yadav of Bluecom, distributor of Lenovo commercial series. Very supportive, saved me from disaster yesterday: a high end laptop, given to CFO of American MNC – connected via my CIO community and it went bad in 2 days. CFO was to fly out today afternoon and Lenovo could not attend the customer. I requested Biren at 6:03 pm last evening and he arranged a brand new laptop and kept his huge warehouse open just for me to collect the laptop. His 2 staff were waiting for me at 7:30 for me to collect.

Though Biren has been a help always, this was exemplary and supportive to someone like me who doesnt even do volume business. The customer’s FM guy was with me last night, tested out the new laptop in front of me and gave me the one which was giving problem. We closed the issue at 10:40 pm last night.

My sincerest gratitude to @Biren and his team. This is 2nd time in 2 months they have been of amazing help. Every event cannot be documented, but this, if I didn’t acknowledge this incidence with our fraternity, it will be my failure as an IT business owner, & as a human too.

I leave you with a thought to ponder over: while we support and sell a brand, we need to focus on our distributor partner: when we are in trouble for a defective product of a vendor, the vendor throws you support process book, distribution partners like Biren support you.

By:  Kshitij Kotak Chairman Asirt

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