Acer Halo Swing smart speaker 

Acer Halo Swing smart speaker

The Acer Halo Swing is a portable smart speaker with glowing lights and a simple display. The display displays weather, alerts, etc.

The speaker is compatible with Google Assistant. This helps to set alarms and control other smart devices with voice command.

The Halo Swing has a unique appearance and shares the Halo’s RGB-lit base, which throws colorful lights, this helps it to double up as a light source. What’s more, interestingly, the lights respond to music. This feature is well suited for parties.

The lights also change colors while interacting with Google Assistant.

Among other things, it has the LED dot display panel, displaying calendars, mail, messages, etc.

One can use the Acer Halo app to customize it with premade messages or images.

The Swing is also a 360-degree speakers, like it’s older cousin the Acer Halo. It can be easily paired with other devices. The device supports group music playing with the help of other speakers.

A portable speaker with a detachable leather strap, the Halo Swing provides for the removal of the USB-C charging dock, so that it can be easily carried for parties. The device can also be taken in light rain, since it is IPX5-rated and is water-resistant.

The battery can last up to 10 hours. As per Acer, the Halo Swing will be available for purchase at a cost of $229, i.e., nearly 24,600 INR.

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