Jo Goh, Sr Director, Head of APJ Partners & SMB Sales, Alteryx.

Alteryx pivots and reflects how its own strategy delivers outcomes, in terms of analytics insights to its customers in ways that they probably would not expect in many ways before.

 Amongst the emerging technologies, Analytics has come to redefine how businesses work in the most striking manner. Making use of data to drive strategy and provide better customer experiences, the technology has been helping businesses to transform information into action and to translate data sets into deliverables.

Analytics Automation company Alteryx has been helping its Partners to forge meaningful customer relationships and uncover industry challenges to further democratize analytics within the market.

Through its leading Analytics Automation Platform, the company delivers easy end-to-end automation of data engineering, analytics, reporting, machine learning, and data science processes, enabling enterprises to democratize data analytics across their organizations for a broad range of use cases.

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“India is an exciting market for us in terms of growth in the context of APJ. I can share that the momentum is definitely fast in India, largely due to a number of factors.”

Jo Goh,
Sr Director, Head of APJ Partners & SMB Sales,


The Analytics Automation company recently recognised its Partners with its 2022 Partner of the Year Awards for their outstanding results and commitment to democratizing analytics for all employees, all systems, and all decisions through data-fuelled insights.

In an exclusive interaction with SME Channels, Jo Goh, Sr Director, Head of APJ Partners & SMB Sales, Alteryx, reveals how Alteryx has been leveraging considerable uptick in demand for big data analytics; where India stands in Alteryx’s overall global business strategy; how her company’s revised and updated partner program has been responsible in driving business growth across the globe; Altery’s Partner Upskilling Programs; her company’s growth outlook for 2023; and much more. Edited excerpts…

The pandemic triggered a kind of compulsive and rapid digitalization that the globe had to welcome. Like other technologies, big data analytics or data analytics too has seen a considerable uptick in demand. As a frontline player, how has Alteryx  been leveraging this?

The past couple of years have really shown the world economy that something like analytics, which may have been a nice to have in the past have really been at the forefront of executives and business leaders and strategy in terms of how they can grow their business. Like a once-in-a-lifetime situational transformation in the pandemic era. Analytics can help businesses to better plan, better compete and better stay relevant for their customers and their ecosystems respectively.

At Alteryx, we have had to pivot and reflect how our own strategy delivers outcomes, in terms of analytics insights to our customers in ways that they probably would not expect in many ways before. Moving forward in in the near future, I would say now that we’re doing it as well in terms of bringing those analytics insights to customers, it’s really all about making the accessibility of analytics through a automation platform like ours a lot more easier for them to use, easier for them to deploy and learn being able to be able to access everywhere in terms of in the cloud, on premise and being able to be everything to that particular organization. We are making it easier in terms of how they extract data, how they connect different data sources to analyse, to transform the data into apply predictive analytics as well.

What make us a very compelling story is that our platform is built in such a way that we have thought about every persona in a company in mind. Hence, making it accessible for everyone. When you think about all these elements, we are really allowing an organization to harness data from everywhere that they have to make sense out of it and make very important decisions with insights that Alteryx allows.

In the APJ market, India has been in the eye of the storm when it comes to the faster adoption of different technologies or even for growing the market.  India had been one of the global growth sweet spots too. How do you view India as a market in terms of your overall global business market strategy?

India is an exciting market for us in terms of growth in the context of APJ. I can share that the momentum is definitely fast in India, largely due to a number of factors. We have found that companies in India are always seemingly more open to embrace newer technology to trial, newer things that we’re doing in business, and to also look into more modern tools, modern platforms and how they can harness the power of that. Our partners within the region as well have evolved in the last one year to year and a half, in a sense that we are attracting different types of partners to join our program. Our partners are helping us better deliver those analytical outcomes to customers in India, ranging from boutique analytics solution providers to larger regional or local system integrators as well, that are looking at Alteryx as a holistic analytics platform. In terms of the text stack and delivering it into holistic solutions out to their customers and just this year, we have really increased the number of partners and customers in India.

There is probably not a department or an industry that we have not touched in terms of delivering analytics outcomes. It’s because of that ease of use, being able to be everywhere and everything and across everyone in an organization that has really compelled partners and customers to look at our tricks as a fairly strategic analytics provider in their business overall. We are very much, feeling quite positive and confident about the market change, that we were able to deliver in India in whole scheme of the Asia Pacific and Japan markets.

Of course, going to other subregions of APJ covering Asia, Australian and New Zealand Banking Group (ANZ) and Japan, we are also seeing very similar uptake as well. We are growing in terms of and the number of new customers that we have acquired just in the past one year and, the number of different types of partners that we have signed up and recruited. We are on our way to activate them as a valued partner in our program.

Alteryx has witnessed considerable revenue growth in recent times. How has your revised and updated partner program been responsible in driving business growth across the globe?

In terms of results, they are partner influenced or growth through partners. I can speak of the published results that we just had for quarter three. We have seen, double digit during growth in accounts that have been contributed by partners. And in addition to that, you know more than half of our deals in Q3 in terms of the annual contract value, one in Q3, over half of them are result of influenced through partners. Partners in our program can resell our software, they can also influence decision makers within accounts that we are not in today. We witnessed exceptional results in Q3 and we only continue to grow.

In addition, the technology partners that we have globally and in the region managed, we have seen, you know over 120% year on year growth in that business being influenced by tech pins and tech partners for us. Through partners from all fronts, covering the solution providers who resell our software and also influence a decision in an account, as well as tech partners like Snowflake, AWS, etc. we are seeing enormous momentum and results as well just on this past quarter.

How strong is your partner network in the APJ market and India? Can you give some numbers?

I can share the number of continents that we have in our ecosystem, across APJ and India in terms of the, the number of points that we’ve been able to add right to our partner ecosystem. We’ve nearly doubled the number of partners that we have in our ecosystem coming from last year to this year. Again, relaying back to my initial point around.
The platform is really now being seen as a strategic solutions provider and analytics solution provider in whole scheme of things from customers on set. It means that we are relaying the outcomes well to our existing partners. We are also doing the right leave isn’t the right things and pulling the right levers to really accentuate the brand awareness and mark awareness of what Alteryx is as an analytics or automation platform. So, the growth of our partners in India is nearly twice fold.

Across Asia Pacific and Japan, we are making headroom in rest of Asia and ANZ, Japan is totally separate market. But overall, we have very mature markets that are partners in Japan that we’re looking to scale. It depends on which sub region of APJ, but if in the context of India it is a growth market, a key market for us where we are recruiting and activating and then comparison to ANZ, Australia, New Zealand and Japan, we are scaling our partners over there.

Are you planning any major investment in terms of channel partner network expansion or increasing your headcounts as an organization in India over the next year or so?

I don’t think that we are necessarily increasing headcounts for India. Our business in India is in a growth state with the existing team that we have there. I’m a sales leader or country manager, therefore for India that recently joined Alteryx, there will be a renewed strategy on how we win business, how we continue to deliver customer success, how we grow business through partners and how we can further enable partners to market with us. There through their solutions as well, overlaying Alteryx on top of that.

As I mentioned, coming from last year to this year, our number of channel partners in the ecosystem grew nearly twice. So now our focus is, is actually on getting them to be productive, getting those partners to do more with this and enable them more. We’re investing in partner enablement and work streams and activities with those partners. So that’s the investment that we are putting forward. We have joint go to market strategy and joint marketing events as well with partners there.

Within a short span of time, Alteryx has been able to put a spectacular growth story. What is your growth outlook for 2023? 

We are overall like a hyper gross company, so we will continue to go in that trajectory. Obviously, we are quite focused on closing out a strong year for us before hearing from our executives in early part of 2023 on the strategy and things like that. But I think at this stage we are very, very focused on closing out the year strong and then all attention would then be on FY23.

Implementing automated analytics solutions is very tech intensive. So, how do you upskill your partners to enable them effectively deliver data analytics solution to the market?

That is a very important topic and critical for the aspects of scalability and sustainability. In terms of growth through partners and partner business growth in general, we have been upskilling them since the start of this year with the whole new direction of our business going into democratization of analytics. So, we are helping customers to really unlock those insights from the data that they have within their organization across different departments and across multiple different businesses, not just a singular, siloed approach. Overall, we apply that to our partner program by introducing those similar courses, similar enablement activities that we have delivered or are delivering through our sellers to our sales team. Partners that we have are then being enabled enough in the same way that we are upskilling. Our own sales team that allows them that title alignment in sync engagements and taking out that Alteryx story, impacts how well aligned they can be to the customers. We carry out these sessions for our partners virtually in a mix of webinars or sessions as well as in person.

In Q3 we saw a lot of our events around enablement and upskilling done virtually in this region. In India, we’ve had that glowing success in terms of how many partners invested their own time to come to our sessions and get enabled and hear from our subject matter experts and also hear from our executives around the strategy. We will continue that into next year as well.

And as they say, data is the new oil and you guys make it the new oil. How do Alteryx’s innovative solutions help convert a plethora of data into actionable, effective and useful data for the customers?

Alteryx is such an attractive analytics platform for our customers and also to prospects that we speak to. It’s really fact that within A1 holistic platform, customers can access multiple sources of their data whether data is in the cloud or on premise or in cloud data warehouses. We are able to get data from those different places, which means that we can cover everything, take that into our platform and we have a very, intuitive user interface and straightforward way of also learning and how to use our platform, making it accessible to every persona that the customer has. We don’t only cater to those analysts who deal with a lot of data every day, day in and day out. All they want is the outcome, but they have to go through that process to get the data, clean the data, apply analytics on the data, sometimes even enrich the data before they can get to their outcomes. They can do that in a much shorter time if they apply using the electrics on analytics platform automation platform, thereby reducing the time to value.

Yes, there is a lot of data out there, but knowing how to mine them and analysing all of them may not be the answer. It’s actually empowering a lot more people in your organization to apply/use analytics on something like Alteryx that can shorten the time to value and solve more problems or challenges that accompany, even though will continue on and will evolve. What we have found from our customers is from using Alteryx is that the group of people who have been facing the same problems every day, are solving them much quicker on your tricks, which means that their time is then freed up and given to upskill themselves in other areas of their roles as well.

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