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Advanced Collaboration for Consultants: Maximize Client Engagement and Success

Many of GoToMeeting’s everyday users work in client-facing roles. They’re hosting online meetings constantly, selling a service to a customer or sharing work with a client. These types of roles face unique challenges when it comes to online meetings and collaboration. Their priority above all is providing a seamless, positive client experience every single time.

We recently partnered with Frost & Sullivan to hone our perspectives on the unique challenges that consultants face when it comes to collaboration. The following excerpt from our whitepaper was written by Roopam Jain, Industry Director of the Conferencing and Collaboration practice at Frost and Sullivan.

Businesses today have a strong need to drive their strategy and growth by reaching outside of their own knowledge domains.  Consultants are a trusted source of information to gain access to objective insights from third party experts. In recent years, large consulting firms as well as independent consultants have faced daunting challenges—a volatile economy, increased scrutiny, greater competition, declining customer loyalty, and decreasing margins, to name a few. To turn these transformational shifts into profits and growth, consultants must adapt. There is a growing imperative to radically improve service delivery and create additional value for clients.

At the heart of any successful consulting business is the ability to communicate effectively with clients and share valuable ideas. This means as consultants you need rich collaboration tools that allow you to become trusted business partners. Advanced online meetings and collaboration tools have become a strategic asset for consultants today that are increasingly operating in a highly competitive and fast-paced environment. It can help you to:

  • Improve customer loyalty through high-touch low-cost exchanges
  • Accelerate project delivery
  • Monitor market changes instantly
  • Expand new customer acquisition to drive revenues
  • Reduce travel time and costs

Single-source easy-to-use collaboration solutions that facilitate HD video conferencing, crisp audio, and easy content sharing have become a staple for consulting businesses of every size and type due to the high quality experience, flexibility, and ease of use.

Read the full report to understand:

  1. How collaboration tools can help you build lasting client relationships
  2. Why collaboration on-the-go is critical for consultants
  3. How to keep clients on the same page using advanced collaboration tools
  4. How to empower your global, cross-functional teams
  5. How to extend your reach through webinars

If you’re saving the report to read it later, you can check out this quick teaser from Frost & Sullivan analyst Michael DeSalles:

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