AI is playing a crucial role in reshaping web designing and web development

WeblinkIndia.Net is one of the leading web design and development company with the vision to sow the seeds of par-excellence services with a customer-centric approach and reap the trust of worldwide clients, says Ankit Gupta, C.E.O., WeblinkIndia.Net, who also talks about how technology is shaking up the future of web design.

Tell us something about yourself and what does Weblinkindia do?

WeblinkIndia.Net ( Pvt. Ltd.) is one of the leading web design and development company with the vision to sow the seeds of par-excellence services with a customer-centric approach and reap the trust of worldwide clients. We offer a complete range of web solutions including web designing, web hosting, e-commerce solutions, multimedia solutions, Internet marketing, app development, and others. This is the one-stop solution for website development and management, WeblinkIndia.

How Artificial Intelligence is reshaping web designing and web development?

AI has succeeded in changing the industries. Especially, in this digital era, AI is playing a crucial role in reshaping web designing and web development. Websites make use of AI along with the web development technologies in order to provide a better experience for the users. Right from user experience and product/service presentation to quality analysis, security strengthening, coding and much more, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are constantly helping in delivering the better. Apart from opting for advance web platforms based on AI, companies are also hiring web developers particularly to leverage AI-based security solutions. Both implemented and AutoML is proving beneficial in test integration and feature up gradation in websites. In nutshell, the AI advancements are directly impacting the user experience and user retention.

What are your corporate core values, and how do you express them to your customers?

As a corporate, we believe in complete customer satisfaction and one hundred percent honesty. We are well aware of our capabilities and our limitations, and the same is conveyed clearly to our customers. Weblink India never outsources anything and every service is rendered in house. In case we feel we don’t have the right capabilities to deliver a particular piece, we are always honest about it and recommend that the customer should go out and get an expert for the same. This honesty has helped us retain our customers since they are well aware that whatever they are getting out from us, it’s not just the best but also at the most reasonable prices.

How website design and development processes integrate with IoT and how technology is shaking up the future of web design?  

The growth of IoT already is beginning to exert influence on web design. There’s no denying the buzz about the internet of things, it is a notion that pretty much everything, from automobiles and refrigerators to industrial machines and environmental sensors to baby monitors and surveillance cameras can be equipped with circuitry, allowing them to connect to the internet, offering information continuously or on-demand. A lot of internet-connected devices are on the market already. In any case, each IoT device has to be accessed, managed, configured and manipulated at some point. Doing so requires a more familiar internet-connected device, like a smartphone or laptop. And this commonly means new web development and design techniques. Most days start out simple for web designers. But there are forces dragging us down and pushing us forward all at once. Search engines have a hold on us. They influence our every move. New technologies appear. Then new trends emerge with those technologies. If we get too comfortable with what we already know, we risk becoming old-fashioned in our approach. If we embrace the future carelessly, we risk writing code that breaks our sites in older web browsers.

How Big Data is influencing web design and what you can learn from it?

Whether you are working on a blog or a business website, you have to account for the amount of data your website will have to hold. Today, websites have a lot of data and it is up to the web designer to create a design that presents that data accordingly. Structured and unstructured data continue to shape the computer world. Today, web developers do not only have to work with megabytes, but in terms of exabytes, which are 1,024 petabytes. A petabyte is an equivalent of 1024 terabytes, where a terabyte is 1,000 gigabytes. At the end of the day, creating a big data design means creating a user experience that is both satisfactory and attractive. You have all the data, all you need is to be smart on how you present it.

What information do your customers need in order to make an informed buying decision?

To be frank, the two key things that any customer needs to make a decision on any product or service is cost and quality. Quality is determined by showing the samples or case studies (depending on the service) and cost is something that we are always confident about. However, in our trade, time also becomes a critical component to make an informed buying decision. It happens often that bigger businesses are suddenly alarmed that they must have a website and they want to get a website up and running as fast as possible. At times, we encounter clients who want to leverage a particular event at a time and hence the deadline becomes important.

What is the future of web development in Digital Marketing & how digital marketing is helping your organisation to grow and strategy on Digital Marketing expansion?

Digital marketing is the future. And Digital Marketing is built on the foundation of web development. The way the online market is going and decision making of a customer – be it B2B or be it B2C – is being influenced with what’s present on web, there is no denying that every business, small or big, needs to go online and leverage digital marketing to survive the competition which has become global. It is now possible for Russian companies to evade Indian Markets and Indian companies, to let’s say European Markets. We have ourselves leveraged digital marketing strategies to grow our portfolio to 40+ countries over a period of time. Maximum of our clients abroad learn about us because of our strategic digital marketing efforts. We follow a wide varieties of strategies depending on the market we want to capture and the services we want to sell. It can range anything from as basic as email marketing to as high-end as highly localised SEO in a particular area outside the country.

What are your other online and offline marketing efforts?  

Being in an online business, our marketing efforts are primarily online. The online marketing include both inbound and outbound marketing and is usually a mix of various techniques that are used for lead generation globally. We do have business development professionals who keep an eye on the market and available opportunities via referrals etc, but even they make efforts to convert the leads to clients. The satisfied clientele come back to us with new ventures or refer us newer clients. Good work is always recognized and gets its due.

Who are your major competitors and what is the differentiation making you a key industry player over them.  

Considering the way web development and digital marketing has grown, I’d say we have thousands of competitors and I would consider each one of them to be major. However, at the same time, we are never intimidated by the growing number of companies or their unrealistic costing for web development and allied services. We are happily running our own race and providing holistic services at the most reasonable prices – which is the reason both Indian and Global clients are choosing us. Moreover, we are equipped with more than two decades of experience and have a vast portfolio which definitely makes us most reliable and credible as against to a younger business operating in the same space

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