ALARIS E1035 Scanner is one of the latest additions to the smart scanners Alaris family. A lot of trade people were talking about the efficiency of the scanner but as they say the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Therefore, we wanted to test the scanner and check its true efficiency.

From the outset – with its box packing, the scanner gives an impression of being small in its footprint, which is true. It does not occupy much of the table space, however, with the full extension of its input and output tray easily accommodates the papers of all sizes – below legal paper till your credit cards. If it is not in operation you can push back all the extensions and keep it in a corner.

This machine is absolutely user friendly… just plug into the power point and input documents, it stars firing. The tiny LED indicator along with buttons for operation are good enough for consistent scanning. As the name suggests E1035, the scanner is a 35-ppm machine, which is good enough for a small or medium size company. The good thing about the scanner is that it is quite rugged as it can take 4000 pages per day as per the user manual, however an organization does this much of volume per day, unless a large digitization project is taking place.

So, when we opened up and started scanning documents, we tried various types of documents including A4 normal documents, A4 handwritten documents, documents in transparent papers, colour documents, ID cards, visiting cards, credit cards, etc. in the first attempt we could not get good results but in the second attempt with some twigging in the software, the output was amazing. The software called Perfect Page Technology which may be a patented technology of this scanner really optimizes the image quality. On top of it, you can save scanned documents in various image formats in various source connected to the network and send mails to various mailboxes.

You can customize the software or mail messaging activities either from your laptop or from the display, depending upon your convincing. But I will suggest use the bigger display (your laptop), which I used for my convenience.

With this scanner the digital document is much better as it can capture the smallest details accurately by filtering out streaks.

Apart from the PPM and capacity, the feeder tray can take upto 80 sheets of 80 g/m2 paper and can handle small documents such as A8, ID cards, embossed hard cards and insurance cards. As per the manual, the paper input is 27- 200 g/m2 paper; ID thickness up to 1.4 mm. Alaris E 1035’s intelligent exception handling maximizes process efficiency with accurate capture at the point of customer interaction.

Alaris E 1035’s intelligent software determines if the scanner can detect patch sheets. If it cannot, it’s processed in the software. When the software encounters a feature patch sheet, it switches to the appropriate job; scanner profile setup and then continues scanning. It can automatically optimize barcode processing to provide the fastest, most accurate results. Its powerful OCR allows you to use the cursor to box in a piece of information, and that data automatically populates the corresponding index field so you don’t have to key it in manually. The scanner is very scalable and simple to use.  A solution built around Alaris Capture Pro can grow with your business needs. It has flexible licensing options and can support over 200 scanners from Alaris and other popular vendors. It has an easy distributed deployment and management with network edition and is available as a 1-year subscription in addition to existing perpetual licensing options.

It can easily remove sensitive information (i.e. Social Security Number, Credit Card Number). It supports automatic search and redact feature while scanning and viewing documents and the Operator can accept or reject redaction while using it.

Final words 

Areas of use: All small Medium Organization.

Price: On Request

Stars: 4.5

For more information: https://www.alarisworld.com/en-in/solutions/document-scanners/desktop/e1035-scanner

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