Channel Leaders

Anil Sethi Vice President & General Manager, Channels, Dell Technologies, India

Anil’s contribution to channel growth:

In 3 decades of his career, Anil Sethi has been known for his strong business acumen, his far-sighted vision, and for his ability to bring mega-scale to businesses.

Anil has been driving Dell’s Channel business growth for nearly 6 years – working with the team to devise and implement unique GTM models that work with the DNA of Dell. Prior to Dell, Anil has worked in various organizations across Infrastructure, Software and Services domains, in various geographies and in different capacities – both in customers as well as partners facing roles.

Through all these years, Anil has learnt how customers view a business challenge and solution and how partners see the solution business opportunity. Each stake-holder works within a unique wireframe of expectations and limitations – ranging from business growth to cash-flow, from end-user experience to technical feasibility, from relationship management to profitability. In this sense, a good leader is one who can see the big picture – and take them all together towards a common goal. The ability to understand both sides and see the big picture from an OEM (principal vendor) perspective have always helped Anil formulate and drive a mutually beneficial strategy – in short-term as well as in the long-run.

Anil has worked hard at learning and sharing the skills with his team, with partners-distributors, and even with the customers. This open mindset has helped many partners across country to learn and adopt the best practices – when investing in certain areas, optimizing their working capital, building team of sellers and specialists, while closing business deals and even while planning future roadmaps for their organization. With this inherent skill and attitude, he has helped numerous partners and individuals across the industry – in India and beyond – to grow and thrive, and Anil has been fortunate and proud to be part of their growth and success journey.


Brief about the existing channel program and Innovations that have been brought into Dell Technologies’ channel program: 


At Dell Technologies, we have reduced our core product segments from seven to three, as part of widespread channel enhancements. With this we have ushered in the next iteration of our partner program designed to be “simple, predictable and profitable”. These 3 tenets, along with the direct feedback from Partner Advisory Boards, Partner Summits and Satisfaction surveys, guide the evolution of the Dell Technologies Partner Program.

We are making big investments to deliver self-service tools, a simpler program and more streamlined processes. Every investment is designed to empower our partners to serve customers better, to help them modernize their infrastructure and to deliver business outcomes faster than ever before. In addition to our powerful partner program there is so much more in terms of innovation, industry leadership and the determination to be number one and help our partners serve their customers in a better way.

Our 2020 Dell Technologies Partner Program for Solution Providers will provide an even more compelling business proposition through 3 main focus areas:

  • Increased opportunity and profitability for new customer and line of business acquisition
  • A simplified structure, making it more predictable and easier to manage your Dell business
  • An improved end-to-end experience accelerating the time to get to a winning price and improving the predictability of the partner’s overall incentives