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Aptean partners with Talent Works 

Aptean has announced a major talent initiative with the assistance of Talent Works.

The company, whose industry-specific ERP, supply chain and compliance solutions are used in over 80 countries, is working with Talent Works to review and localise its employer brand in order to recruit over 150 roles. These span 17 departments and 8 markets including the US, UK, with a key focus on upscaling its offering in Madurai and Bangalore, India. Aptean’s key objective is to align its corporate values (Drive for Results, Win Together, Foster Innovation, Be Courageous) with its qualities and strengths as an employer, as it goes in search of the ‘Aptean Attitude’.

The Talent Works campaign output was a result of significant research and stakeholder interviews to discuss strengths, points of difference and areas for improvement as an employer. The Aptean and Talent Works teams found that brand challenges included a low employer brand awareness, loyalty to the product over people, and employee engagement. They worked together to develop an Employer Value Proposition (EVP) which would help them overcome these challenges.

This EVP now forms the basis of a large-scale hiring project in India. Talent Works is supporting Aptean with hiring Technical Support and Software Product Development professionals in its new tech hub in Madurai, India. The partnership is already working to hire various ERP Architects in Bangalore including Infrastructure, Cloud Solutions, UI and .Net Architects. The expansion in India is fuelled by Aptean’s fast acceleration as it helps clients across the globe tackle digital transformation, in an era where automation and reliance on tech is becoming more prominent.

Tracey Harvey, Director, Global Talent Acquisition at Aptean said: “Our growth at this time is dependent on us finding the right people on a global basis, which is a major challenge as we grow so rapidly. We want our team to be aligned and engaged with the overall vision, and so this talent acquisition programme has been way more than a case of simply recruiting. Not only has it been about finding the right people, it has been a complete brand overhaul which I’m confident will deliver significant results longer term in a hugely competitive market.”

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