Athenta Provides Surveillance & Security for Guru Purab

Athenta was effectively the virtual third eye providing 24*7 operational monitoring of Gur Purab festival celebration in the city of Sultanpur, Lodhi.

Athenta provided surveillance and a centralized web-based platform for monitoring and management of 20 Zonal Viewing Centers and end-point devices spread across Sultanpur, Lodhi for the festival of Guru Purab. They offered the Integrated Command and Control Center as the nerve center for all Smart City Operations working as a virtual third eye providing 24*7 operational monitoring of the entire city.

“We are extremely pleased to be a part of such a festival where we are contributing with our solutions to keep a check on every single activity and surveillance equipment and ensuring the system and the infrastructure is up and running efficiently. Athenta aims to achieve twin purpose with this initiative i.e. to control any incident for safe procession and safety of the devotees and secondly by increasing the efficiency of the city surveillance for easy access and monitoring,” said Gopal Joshi, Director Sales, Athenta Technologies.

The Integrated Command and Control Center takes live feed from CCTV cameras/Surveillance System, city network, automation location tracking system (ALTS), Video Management System (VMS), Variable Message System (VaMS) & Video Analytics; installed all over the city to gather inputs from various departments and applications for analysis and research for better planning and implementation of the City.

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