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Athenta’s “EMS” for improved efficiency and decision support

Athenta has brought in a new Enterprise Management Solution. The robust solution is enabled with ‘DCEYE & AOMS’ that dispenses a superior performance of the existing Infrastructure and proactively identify problems to prevent downtime of the system.

Currently, the traditional platform and software available in the market require extra hardware and set-up that are not conducive to use and manage smooth operations. By understanding this pain point, Athenta offers an end-to-end management platform solution for the organization’s infrastructure needs. Under the new Enterprise Management System, DCIM tool helps data centers and enterprises to monitor and manage operations, administration 360 degrees. It starts with assets inventorying, which are usually segregated in different systems of a large datacenter or enterprises, limiting their usability and value.

“Our appliances use triple encryption for communication along with ‘Hawk-Eye’ view that enables you the flexibility to attach actual physical pictures of the command room and pinpointing each equipment in the environment, which is color-coded to display the state of the equipment in a monitor. One could get the health status of it just by simply hovering the mouse pointer over any equipment.”said Jacob A Thomas, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Athenta Technologies.

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