Avira and TP-Link Join Forces to Offer Wi-Fi Routers with IOT Security for the Smart Home

Avira partners with TP Link to protect smart home users from internet threats. Avira will transform TP-Link’s Wi-Fi routers into home protectors.

“The router is the best place to enhance security and privacy for the modern connected home. Controlling what devices are able to do, with whom and what they communicate is essential to taking back control. Partnering with TP-link is a major milestone in our customer promise, protecting people in the digital world. Together we will deliver IoT security globally to billions of users. Making the world a safer place” said Travis Witteveen, CEO at Avira.

Watch out for the wave

A flood of smart devices has made its way into our homes and lives, and it is only going to increase. The number of smart devices used in the home is soaring. According to experts, it will jump from 7.0 billion in 2018 to an expected 21.5 billion by 2025. This number includes connected devices such as laptops, desktop computers, smartphones, and tablets as well as devices that users might not see as potential risks to their privacy like smart TVs, baby monitors, wearable’s, and smart thermostats.

The smart risks are mounting

Demand for connected devices and the addition of smart functions into everyday devices has exploded in recent years. But there are some basic considerations that have been neglected. Many devices come with hard-wired or difficult-to-change passwords and opaque update policies which limits their security. Also, poor user privacy poses a problem. Smart devices can send a huge amount of data – often unencrypted – about the physical and online life of customers.

A safer tomorrow for the smart home

TP-Link is teaming up with Avira to ensure comprehensive protection for all internet connected devices in the home, including smart TVs, smart thermostats and all the other IoT devices connected to the home network that cannot usually run security software. TP-Link and Avira will work continuously to enhance the security of the Wi-Fi routers. The joint initiative creates an opportunity for service providers worldwide to add new cyber security value-added services to their portfolio, secure their infrastructure and increase customer loyalty.

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