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1. Aditya Khemka, Managing Director, CP PLUS (Aditya Group)
Aditya Khemka, Managing Director, CP PLUS (Aditya Group)

Apart from making cutting-edge security solutions more accessible, the company, together with its partners, has been able spread its brand awareness so effectively that today, CP PLUS has become synonymous with CCTV across the country.

A comprehensive surveillance and electronic security brand, CP PLUS maintains one of the most extensive portfolio in the entire industry. Recognizing that investing in technology means investing in innovation, CP PLUS aims to make security more and more accessible to enrich lives all around.

Working to spread a sense of security to every corner of India, CP PLUS is an instigator for introducing new technologies to the Indian market and the brand is now leading the surveillance industry as the Largest Manufacturer of Surveillance Products and Devices in the world anywhere outside China and the 3rd Largest when including China.

“For a brand to truly succeed and leave its imprint in all potential customers’ minds, it must go above and beyond the customer expectations to keep delivering the most revolutionary solutions.”

Aditya Khemka, Managing Director, CP PLUS (Aditya Group)

A leading light of the surveillance industry and the brain behind this spectacular success story is Aditya Khemka, Managing Director, CP PLUS (Aditya Group). In an exclusive chat with SME Channels, Khemka reveals his company’s key channel strategy; the critical role played by channel partners in his company’s overall growth; CP Plus’s roadmap to further improve its Partner Network; his company’s big plans for channel expansion; upcoming product launches and investments; and much more. Edited excerpts…

Andhra Pradesh CM Sh. Jaganmohan Reddy at the inauguration of the 2nd manufacturing unit.
Andhra Pradesh CM Sh. Jaganmohan Reddy at the inauguration of the 2nd manufacturing unit.

Surveillance sector has emerged as the sunrise sector of Indian IT, what are CP PLUS’s plans to tap into the market opportunity in Tier-III and Tier-IV cities?

As the surveillance and security industry is leaving behind its nascent stage in India, one can witness a sea change in people’s attitude as they are becoming more conscious about their security and hence investing in security products and services. This change of perception is motivated by the plan of action undertaken by state governments around the country, as they are investing more and more in electronic security to tackle the rising rates of crime even in the tier III & IV cities these days.

The use of the advanced technologies such as Internet-of-Things and Artificial Intelligence that make analytics like Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) take place on roads are leading the way for the adoption of surveillance technology in all the different pillars of society. This move towards implementing a full-fledged surveillance ecosystem is enabling the notion of a safer and smarter city in the tier III & IV towns.

The increasing number of cameras on the road is becoming an integral part of both traffic management and traffic enforcement. The assistance these cameras provide is quite noteworthy especially in rural areas and even the violation pattern of the citizens has gone down, thanks to these emerging technologies.

How have the channel partners contributed to the overall growth of CP Plus?

For a brand to truly succeed and leave its imprint in all potential customers’ minds, it must go above and beyond the customer expectations to keep delivering the most cutting-edge solutions in the entire industry and its is only because of our channel partners that we have been able to get there. More than competitiveness, being Distinctive helps create a memorable brand identity. Through making security solutions more and more accessible to those who struggled to utilize them, together with our partners we have been able spread our brand awareness so much so that the name CP PLUS has itself become synonymous for CCTV in many parts of the country.

But more than anything, it is the determination to remain Consistent and Zealous in all their efforts which has helped our partners in creating a distinct identity for CP PLUS, so much so that the brand name itself has become synonymous to CCTV.

Consistently bringing in new innovations is the blood that runs through our brand, it differentiates us from our competitors and enables us to give our customers lasting experiences. So whenever they think of security, they think of CP PLUS, all thanks to our channel partners.

After the setting up of your second manufacturing unit in Kadapa in Andhra Pradesh, you have expanded your production capacity by 3 times. How has this capacity expansion impacted your channel business? What would be the Top 3 things on your wish list for further improvement of your Partner Network?

Becoming Atmanirbhar is the first step to make the country Atmanirbhar and CP PLUS, a brand that truly is Dil se Indian, is dedicated towards strengthening the nation and realizing India’s inherent potential to become a world leader. And taking our partners on the road to self-reliance has been playing the most critical part in our Atmanirbhar endeavors. In such a short span of time, with absolute determination, we have rapidly expanded both our production capabilities and the scale of production to such a noteworthy level and we are determined to keep on enlarging not just our ability to produce but also the range of solutions that we offer. Through bringing these leading-edge solutions to the furthest corners of the country, our partners are helping us extend our reach to Indians who struggle to utilize emerging technologies.

CP PLUS has always strived to come up with simplistic, optimized solutions to deal with the complex surveillance issues of the modern world, advancing hand-in-hand with time. We are in the business that not just ensures the community’s safety but also empowers our society. We are aspiring here to flood the market with increasingly useful and proficient solutions that can spread a sense of security to every corner and make CP PLUS a household name throughout the world. And our partners have always been vital in helping us understand what the people need.

CP PLUS set up its 2nd manufacturing unit in Kadapa in Andhra Pradesh, which nearly trebled its production capacity.
CP PLUS set up its 2nd manufacturing unit in Kadapa in Andhra Pradesh, which nearly trebled its production capacity.

What technology differentiation does CP Plus bring into the Surveillance market?

Introducing the new range of high-performing, stand-alone security cameras ViDu, CP PLUS aims to disseminate new cutting-edge technology to every town in the country. Moreover, these cameras will be manufactured with 100% localization of the manufacturing process. Every component from software, mechanical, PCB, source code to hardware and even driver security will be produced in India for the world.

Harnessing the power of cloud computing and storage, CP PLUS is integrating more and more of its products and solutions with IoT to offer a multitude of features and benefits in a single solution. Catering to the varied project requirements for the Government of India and law enforcement agencies, CP PLUS is continuously developing solutions with more and more integrated features to perform solely in the place of multiple cameras.

Nonetheless, there are many new and relevant technologies that we have developed recently and which are doing great in the market. The changed scenario has brought on changing demands and to meet them, we have launched those solutions which have immediately proven to be quite relevant for the current time.

What is your geo-spread? Are you planning any major channel expansion in the near future?

CP PLUS, India’s leading surveillance brand, is also leading the way to make India a global R&D Hub, where the most advanced security solutions are produced indigenously within India to cater to the surveillance and security needs of the entire world. Since the brand’s inception 18 years ago, CP PLUS has been a dominant player in introducing more relevant technologies to the Asian market.

Furthermore, CP PLUS has plans in motion to invest heavily in R&D in India in the upcoming 3-5 years where the brand will be investing more than Rs. 300 crores with the mission of making India truly Atmanirbhar as soon as possible by continuously developing technology, innovations and products in India.

With its own IoT and Cloud platforms, CP PLUS is ready to provide a more unified and seamless experience where all the brand’s products from different categories will come under one umbrella as dozens of different types of security solutions can now be operated from a single mobile app. CP PLUS has developed one common mobile app to operate and control all its products, making the entire process more hassle-free, futuristic, and user-friendly.

The brand’s aim is not to revolutionize technology for the Indian surveillance industry but also for reliable security seekers around the globe. And so, CP PLUS is now developing solutions with a myriad of features provided in one camera to enable people with tomorrow’s technology today. With this in mind and considering the accelerated global growth scenario, CP PLUS has invested heavily to build the world’s 3rd Largest manufacturing facility for surveillance products in India.

Integrating artificial intelligence and machine learning into its cameras, CP PLUS is now offering the advantages of cloud recording and intelligent video analytics in solutions that also have the capacity to improve their own accuracy over a period of time.

Made for sustainable use, these new cameras are being developed to cater to the government’s needs as the perfect, indigenized surveillance solution that has the capability and the hardware to serve alone in place of a set of multiple cameras. Integrating more and more solutions with advanced technologies such as IoT and AI, CP PLUS is flooding the Indian market with newer and better solutions every month.

Now, with the production commencing in its new manufacturing facility in Kadapa in May, CP PLUS is becoming the Largest Manufacturer of Surveillance products and devices in the world anywhere outside of China. And as the Largest Indian player making surveillance more accessible for the global population, CP PLUS is also expanding a lot more on the R&D side to meet the vision of the Hon’ble Prime Minister.

The recent governmental thrust on security, exemplified by smart cities, has called for higher customization of surveillance products. In line with that, are you planning any major product launches over the next quarter?

The smart cities of today’s time and age are expected to provide a quality of life to their inhabitants that has been improved enormously. That can be done on many different fronts, and each intervention can improve multiple factors. A modern city shall optimize the use of public resources and provide a notable level of citizen services. The efficiency of the services provided has a great deal to do here to make the city smart.

CP PLUS Network cameras that are equipped with video analytics software are beneficial as they make it hugely easier to spot potential threats in a smart city as well as recognize false alarms, enhancing the experience of the citizens. In the case of an incident, surveillance cameras send immediate alerts to emergency services/authorities in real-time and also provide crucial details of the scene.

Static surveillance systems are not the sole provider of images in a smart city. Other devices like body-worn cameras can effectively do the job as well. The footage from a body-worn camera can come in handy not just for training and education but for enabling more proficient post-incident investigation as well. The aim behind installing surveillance solutions in a smart city is to make it smarter day by day. With the learning gained from the analysis of the surveillance footage, the city can improve its capabilities, performance, and readiness for future scenarios.

A city adapts to the coming future when there are adequate and competent traffic management and parking management systems in place. These can be improved with artificial intelligence-based solutions. Cameras and analytics can detect unauthorized vehicles parked in pre-defined zones, while also guiding drivers to available parking spaces. Not only does this help prevent congestion or disruptions, but it also improves the overall livability of a city.

In the coming years, we are aiming to not just expand the concept of smart cities to other states in the country but also to develop more pertinent solutions that are very to the point and appropriately work in securing the public against all the foreseeable threats.

We have done a number of successful projects with agencies across the country where we have time and again developed customized solutions catering to their specific requirements. In line with the Supreme Court order pertaining to effective and reliable security in Police Stations across the country, CP PLUS has provided advanced CCTV Solutions to over 8000 Police Stations with the surveillance system capacity of recording 18 months of footage on the spot and Command Control Room facilities at both the district and state head quarters. In another project with Delhi Police, CP PLUS helped design and develop a prototype mobile surveillance vehicle, Ikshana, which played an instrumental role in keeping Delhi Police tech savvy during the G20 summits.

Moreover, recognizing that state governments across the country are spending openly on initiatives to make their respective states more secure. The development of smart cities is one of the vital segments of infrastructural developments.

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