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Sudhir Kothari, Managing Director and CEO, Embee

Embee follows a practice of “understand-evaluate-test-implement-transform” to deliver a working solution with a defined return on investment

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“We at Embee always follow market trends and therefore, we will now be focusing more on lead engagement, solutions & services such as DevOps, microservice, containers & Kubernetes for app & platform modernization.”

Sudhir Kothari,
Managing Director & CEO,


The Pandemic has forced businesses to shift to online operations and there has been a massive adoption of remote working culture and online learning, resulting in digitalisation on an unprecedented scale. Along with the shift to online has also come an unprecedented surge in demand for IT solutions and services, turning 2021 A Golden Year For IT Services Companies.

As the India market remains in the eye of a major digital transformation buoyed by a tech-centred Union Budget, SME Channels embarks upon recording the voices of the who’s who among the frontline IT Solutions Providers.

Here, we shall explore Embee – the maverick IT Solutions Provider. As a leading solutions provider, Embee believes in disruptive efficiency that is created through technology. The company empowers businesses to adapt quickly to changing customer needs and not just keep up, but stay ahead of competition.

The CEO and MD of Embee, Sudhir Kothari is credited with founding an organization which has over the last 3 decades, transformed itself from a transactional product seller to a trusted IT solutions advisor. Deeply aligned with world class OEM’s who are leaders in Technology and are at the forefront of Emerging Technology Disruption, Sudhir has guided Embee with his vision which rests on the core values of Customer Centricity, Change, Agility and Intraprenuership.

In a special interaction with SME Channels, Sudhir Kothari, Managing Director and CEO at Embee, reveals his organization’s strategy to leverage the growing demand for IT solutions; the key trends in the IT solutions and services market in 2022; how vertical-specific solutions have brought in greater traction for channel partners; and his vision and plans for the channel community. Edited excerpts…

There has been a significant uptick in the development of new IT products and services triggered by digital adoption and transition to cloud due to the Pandemic. How have been leveraging this hike in demand for IT solutions?  

The pandemic has brought a significant digital transformation in the world. The technology landscape is becoming complex and will be a key differentiator for any business in the long run. One must keep up with the pace of innovation and demands of growing business while the employees are working from home.

Workplace modernization has become crucial now more than ever. Entire team of employees who are working from their homes all over the country or world needs to manage remotely. We at Embee are proactively providing companies with easy access to remote-ready solutions to enable business continuity, productivity, robust cloud security, modernization, and more while scaling operations at a reasonable cost.

What key mega trends do you foresee in the IT solutions and services market?

This is a new digital era that focuses on digital-first and cloud-first data. We at Embee always follow market trends and therefore, we will now be focusing more on lead engagement, solutions and services such as DevOps, microservice, containers and Kubernetes for app & platform modernization. In the near future, our solutions will be aligned towards better monetization of enterprise data with DataOps, Azure Synapse based modern data warehouse,

Azure Databricks based faster SPARK job processing, and power BI based data visualization for actionable insight, predictive and prescriptive analytics for solving customer business problems in advance. We are looking forward to giving our customers a platform of digital solutions with Low Code and No Code for a faster Go to Market.

What are your major Product/Services offerings?  

Embee is a frontrunner in the technology solutions and service industry, with over 30+ years of experience and 2500+ customers. With a focus on Cloud and Digital Technologies, Embee provides cutting edge solutions in the areas of:

  • Cloud infrastructure and platform modernization
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
  • Modern Workplace Communication & Collaboration solutions
  • Data Analytics
  • Business Applications (ERP, HRMS, and more)
  • Enterprise Security
  • Managed & Support Services

Serverless, PaaS/SaaS and Low Code/No Code solutions & managed services along with All-Up Security, Collaboration, Big Data/Analytics, RPA, AI, ML & IoT are also the pivot solution areas for the company.

Some of our leading financial customers where we successfully drove workplace transformation in last couple of years include NSE, RBL Bank, AU Finance Bank, Suryoday Finance, Magma Fincorp. Our other leading customers include GEP, Wonder Cement, TATA Steel, TATA Motors, AegonLife, Hero FinCorp, Icertis, among 2000+ other customers for whom we have successfully:

  • Reduced IT costs by up to 40%
  • Secured remote work environment
  • Empowered data-backed, informed decision making
  • Streamlined operations to boost business growth
  • Increased pan organization happiness index with comprehensive employee experience platform
  • As an organisation, we believe in developing lasting business relationships. We follow a practice of “understand-evaluate-test-implement-transform” to deliver a working solution with a defined return on your investment. Beyond selling, we believe in supporting our customers to adopt and transform with new technologies.

Recently, AIML (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language) capabilities, cloud enabled services and analytics have registered remarkable growth. How have your partners benefitted from the opportunities created by these techs? 

Data analytics has become a central part of almost all the businesses today. The more data you have, the better insights you can gain from it. Some of the most popular trends in data analytics include big data, machine learning and AI technologies. These three trends will change the way we think about business, but with that change comes many opportunities for growth for businesses involved in these areas.

With data analytics our partners enjoy following benefits-

  1. Efficient Board Meetings with near real-time data to focus on core business than data preparation.
  2. The scalable and future-ready solution has triggered further usage of IoT-based solutions like remote monitoring of devices.
  3. On-the-go availability of reports through various mediums and devices.
  4. Aligns HR, Finance and Sales based on the real-time reports
  5. Single Version of truth for data
  6. Enhanced slicing and dicing of data providing a holistic & granular level of business view
  7. Near real time insights for efficient decision making
  8. Scope for Self Service BI catering to ad hoc reporting
  9. Enabling data driven culture in the organization

IT Solutions Providers are​ focusing on specific verticals and even have built very specific capabilities across a few verticals, which helps them differentiate. What vertical-specific solutions do you offer to ensure greater traction for channel partners?  

The key areas we focus on includes enriching customer experience, enhancing employee productivity through effective collaboration & workplace automation, digitization & legacy process automation along with flexibility, scalability, application modernizations, analytics & innovations through Azure cloud.

Moreover, Embee has a wide portfolio of app offerings, ranging from solutions on the Microsoft platform, to integrated ERP solutions on SAP Business One, and a home-grown modular IP, Octane HRMS. Serverless, PaaS/SaaS and Low Code/No Code solutions & managed services along with All-Up Security, Collaboration, Big Data/Analytics, RPA, AI, ML & IoT are also the pivot solution areas for the company.

What are the major factors that are impacting the growth for the IT Solutions providers? Is cannibalization of revenue, a major challenge

There are a few major factors that are impacting the growth for the IT Solutions providers. One of the most important factors is the company culture and HR policies. This is because it allows companies to better manage their employee relationships and provide a more positive work environment. Additionally, the trend of remote work is also contributing to the growth of IT Solutions providers as they can have workforce located anywhere in the world. The trend of security has also been on the rise in recent years as businesses are increasingly concerned about their security standards and how best to protect their data. There is also a growing need for technically skilled manpower. This is because businesses are increasingly looking for solutions that address their technological needs. Finally, rapid introduction and adoption of latest technologies has also been contributing to the growth of IT Solutions providers. It allows companies to rapidly upgrade their infrastructure and meet the demands of their customers.

IT solutions business is highly tech intensive. How do you upskill your partners to help them tap more into market opportunities? 

It’s true that partnerships are the cornerstone of most business-to-business ventures. They’re the fastest way to gain access to a new market and build a customer base. They have the expertise and capital to get their business off the ground. They also tend to understand your business and the risks involved. This means they’re more likely to trust your judgment and keep you in the loop. It’s essential that you work with partners who are aligned with your company’s mission, values, culture, and goals. Working with the wrong partner can hurt your business and slow down your growth. This is where upskilling comes in.

Have you recently made or plan to make any major investments in terms of channel expansions or product development in India and SAARC?  

Embee Software has been acquired by Softline Group, a leading global provider of IT solutions and services. Embee Software will continue to provide the same service level and quality you have come to expect since day one, but with an expanded reach around the world. With this acquisition, Embee’s team of software engineers will become part of a global organization that provides services to over 50+ countries and has more than 7,000 employees. We also recently started our services in Bahrain, Middle East to become a leading IT solutions provider not only in India but in other countries too.

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