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Cerebra Green Announces First-of-Its-Kind Zero Cost EMI DaaS Program

Move from Capex to Opex and enjoy easy upgrades

Cerebra Green, the e-waste division of Cerebra Integrated Technologies Ltd., today announced its Zero Cost EMI Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) Program, the first-of-its kind in India. Through this program, Cerebra will provide organizations customized IT hardware and services solutions on a ‘pay-per-device’ fee.

DaaS adoption in India has witnessed a 65 percent increase in the past 11 months, primarily due to the accelerated need for digital transformation and an increase in distributed workforce. With Cerebra’s “Zero Cost*” model, enterprises no longer need to worry about asset replacement costs, high capex costs or recovery. It is an end-to-end program that includes collecting the devices, wiping customer data clean, and refurbishing or recycling them; thereby helping simplify IT Asset Management.

“Studies show that effective asset management saves up to 25 percent of a technology department’s budget. Keeping this in mind, our objective with the Zero Cost DaaS program is to enable a seamless workforce, reduce IT complexity and hardware costs, while allowing organizations to increase efficiency, security and productivity,” said Ravi Neeladri, CEO, Cerebra Green. “We look forward to launching this program, as it allows companies to only pay for the use of the equipment, rather than the equipment itself.”

Cerebra’s Zero Cost EMI model includes the following services: planning and procurement, configuration, data migration, deployment and integration, end-user support and easy migration to the latest technology through an operating lease. Cerebra will provide a complete set of features including end-to-end lifecycle support and e-waste compliance, which will allow companies to switch PCs every 3 years. This will help organizations move from CAPEX to OPEX, ensure advanced security, and easy upgrade options. Cerebra has tied up with world’s fourth largest leasing Company to handle this.

Cerebra Integrated Technologies Ltd. is a public listed company and is engaged in the business of e-waste recycling, refining and refurbishment, electronic manufacturing services and IT infrastructure management. Cerebra manages and operates the Producer’s Responsibility Organization and offers IT and Electronic Equipment OEM’s a sustainable, reliable, and efficient option to comply with their Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR). Cerebra is currently working with Consumer Electronic OEM’s to fulfill the EPR commitments. It has set up its collection network across India to enable the collection of consumer electrical & electronics E-waste directly from the end user, repair centres, and retailers. Cerebra supports producers by providing state-of-the-art services, assuring consistency and legal compliance

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