Cloud Journey Extended By Global Organizations With VMware

VMware Cloud delivers the hybrid cloud, unifies multi-cloud management and operations and forms the foundation for building modern apps

At 2019 VMware Cloud Briefing, Vmware highlighted customers Bossa Studios, Rosendin Electric, Stagecoach, Trend Micro, and Zipwhip and how they are addressing their hybrid cloud, multi-cloud and modern apps strategies with VMware Cloud on AWS, CloudHealth by VMware, VMware Secure State, and Wavefront by VMware.

These companies have seen massive adoption of cloud to power applications during the last decade.

Customers are building an architectural approach for technology investments built around cloud factoring in major new developments, including:

  • Hybrid Cloud – a proven model for unifying private cloud, public cloud and edge with consistent infrastructure and operations to gain the flexibility to work across a seamless pool of resources for all applications.
  • Multi-Cloud – a new reality that will enable organizations to freely operate across multiple public cloud providers, selecting services and innovation to power their business while managing cost, complexity and risk.
  • Modern Apps – The rise of Kubernetes as the emerging platform of choice for next-generation mission critical applications that will foster a new era of innovation and business change.

“Our customers are bringing together the worlds of hybrid and native public cloud into a single, comprehensive strategy,” said Kit Colbert, CTO of VMware Cloud, VMware. He also added,“Today, VMware has one of the most proven, most widely deployed portfolios and playing a leading role in driving the next generation of the cloud. We have the unique opportunity to accelerate customers’ cloud journeys by delivering the hybrid cloud, unifying the multi-cloud and building a foundation for modern apps.”

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