CONSISTENT Showcases Its Security, Surveillance & Networking   Portfolio at IFSEC India 2022

CONSISTENT's smart innovations at display @IFSEC India 2022.

CONSISTENT Infosystems Pvt. Ltd. is participating in the on-going IFSEC India 2022.  IFSEC India 2022, which is South Asia’s Largest Security, Surveillance & Networking Expo and Conference, is being held from 1st to 3rd December 2022 at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi.  The company is displaying its Security, Surveillance, Protection and Networking portfolio that has been built under the Make-In-India initiative after deep research, employing in-depth tech solutions, and multiple tests.

Imbued with a consistent futuristic approach towards all its products and innovations, CONSISTENT has become a major market player in the Security, Surveillance and Networking domain of the country. Founded by Nitin Bansal and Yogesh Agarwal in 2011, the brand has achieved a decade-long experience and significant market share in India.

At IFSEC, the tech-based products of CONSISTENT that are being showcased are CCTV cameras, CCTV SMPS, Wireless Routers, 4G USB Dongle, POE Switches, CCTV cables, CAT6 cable, Micro SD cards, HDDs, and Networking Racks etc. Besides this, CONSISTENT is also showcasing its LED Monitors and LED TVs which goes with Security & Surveillance solutions at the Expo.

“We are confident that IFSEC India 2022 will assist us in giving our products greater exposure. The platform will significantly help us understand the changing trends, meet with industry-level experts and enable us to further disrupt the security surveillance and networking industry in the future,” said Yogesh Agarwal, CEO at CONSISTENT Infosystems Pvt. Ltd.

Security and Protection are the necessities of today.  CONSISTENT was launched with the belief that the future needs to be smarter, better and best for mankind. It has remained firm on this ideology and has innovated products that align with the modern needs of households and commercial properties.

On display are some of CONSISTENT’s cutting-edge products: 

CCTV IP Camera

It features IP6, completely weather-proof. It gives three access adjustment housing and a strong single-anti-interference ability. The operating temperature has a range of 10 C to 50C. Bullet and Dome both models of cameras are available.


Security cameras are as good as nothing without a power supply.  CONSISTENT’s  4 Port and 8 Port and Switching Type as well as Single Output Type CCTV power supply units are intricately designed for power supply-based security camera cameras. The brand uses high frequency switching technology that makes the final product not just compact but also reliable. Additionally, it has power LED indicators.

CCTV & Networking Cables 

CONSISTENT’s CAT6 and 3+1 CCTV cables are fit to be used in homes, buildings, industrial buildings and other commercial properties. The brand’s wire comes with one hundred percent conductivity. These cables are long-term durability and also come with extra density shields.

Networking Racks (2U/4U)

CONSISTENT DVR Rack DVR Walls Mount are Specially Designed for CCTV Surveillance Network Rack and are available in two variants 2U/4U. Modular Rack – DVRs/NVRs/Switches Size – 2U, Network Rack – Modular Rack – DVRs/NVRs/Switches Size – 4U

4G Dongles & Wireless Routers

CONSISTENT showcases Dongles that offer different functionalities, such as providing mobile internet access, speeding data transfer, running secured software, or connecting multiple devices to the computer. Also, its high-end Plug and Play Routers enables wireless network packet forwarding and routing, and serves as an access point in a local area network. It works much like a wired router but replaces wires with wireless radio signals to communicate within and to external network environments. The range includes Dual – Band Wi – Fi. Extensive Range with Beamforming. Router / Access Point / Range Extender Multiple Modes. IPTV and 4K TV Supported 4G / LTE Band of Wireless Connectivity

HDD Storage

CONSISTENT’s Made in India HDDs are typically the best HDDs with huge space to store data and are used for images, Videos, Documents etc. that buyers need to be a portable for backup PC or serve as a network drive Hard Disk Drive (HDD) utilizing magnetic storage to store and retrieve computerized information data media one or more rigid rapidly rotating platter coated with magnetic things. These are available in 4TB, 6TB and 8TB capacities.

MicroSD Memory Card

CONSISTENT MicroSD card is no ordinary card. It is a high-endurance MicroSD card that provides higher storage and longer recording hours. Slow speeds and dropped frames can never be an issue when this card is put to use in continuous-use security cameras. Available in three capacities 64GB, 128GB and 256GB.

LED Monitor & LED Television

CONSISTENT Ultra-Slim Full HD LED Monitors are available in 22-inch and 24-inch variants. The new displays feature enhanced picture quality for crisp and sharp images apart from in-built stereo speakers for incredibly clear audio performance. Additionally, VGA and HDMI inputs are compatible with all known operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.) making them perfect displays for every use — be it desktops, laptops, servers, gaming rigs, and more. CONSITENT’s LED Television exhibits vigorous sets for high-definition picture delivery large screens made up of thousands of extremely bright LED lights. The size of LED’s is mostly too big and full of chunks to use in TVs, but they are ideally suited as a light source for backlighting LCD crystals

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