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Content Discovery Platforms Will Help Social Media Sites To Grow and Address More Traffic To Your Site

With the new Google algorithm changes taking place, more importance is given to perfect content creation. Thin or plagiarized content is the last thing any business wants to publish on its sites. Proper duration will help you create an ultimate presence socially and establish a proper business. But, a social media session has to deal with perfect content. You need some trustworthy sources from where you can get these contents easily. Well, discovery platforms will be the right answer in here, which will help social media sites to flourish proficiently.

Before you get to the contents first for your social media channel, it is time to check in with some of the best content discovery platforms you can get help from. Some of the best ones are listed below for your reference.

The first one is Pocket Explore: 

Pocket has been widely used by so many businessmen as the main tool for managing social platforms. With more links added to the kitty, the role of this platform as a discovery engine has gained popularity among the masses.

It comprises of the Explore Function, which is available on the desktop. Furthermore, this search discovery engine will help in bringing in some more stories to the forefront. Another added point is the browser extension. You need to press a button to add the site to your Pocket. Once done, you will come across similar recommendations and stories to work with.

Miappi is another one:

One of the best ever content discovery platforms of all time, Miappi will display content that you have been looking for. Most of these tools are proficiently designed to help curate content. Furthermore, Miappi can also discover UGC on the social networks and will add it to the place with maximum effect. The real customers are behind this discovery platform to create real and some authentic storylines. A dashboard is used for discovering the stories, curating the best ones, and distributing UGC.


The best part about DrumUp is that you don’t have to pay the price initially to use its services. This platform is pretty big, much like some of the other discovery tools, and it comes with a special workflow tool. This tool is purposely designed to reduce the current social media management by around 90%. Furthermore, it has a Chrome extension to it, which helps in streamlining the final process.


Known for using semantic AI, Keiki is one natural language processor for offering ultimate suggestions. All these points will work together for offering the widest range of content data alongside a smart tool to help find the right content for you. Just like most of the other discovery platforms, this one also offers one content tracking tool as part of its service.

How the discovery platforms work:

The discovery platforms are here to help you grow your Instagram followers by presenting you with the most powerful and relevant content, matching the needs of your followers. Impactful content is always the first-hand priority in social media marketing. So, the reputed discovery platforms will provide you with various social and web content with fresh and relevant topics for Twitter followers and Facebook fans. Here, you get the chance to procure new contents daily, shared through email, mobile app, and even on your web dashboard. So, now you get the chance to be socially active throughout.

  • Reputed discovery platforms will be analyzing thousands of stories on a daily basis to cover multiple industries and niches.
  • It comes with a versatile social media tool, designed to cover special needs and even some micro-niches as well.
  • Thanks to these platforms, you can now enjoy the lower content curation and get to take social media to a completely new stage.
  • Furthermore, you will enjoy s streamlined and simple management interface, which is best suited for sharing.
  • If you want to, you can customize and then schedule the posts and tweak content discovery settings whenever the time feels right.

Social media to outshine search engines:

Thanks to discovery platforms, it won’t be long when social media can help you get more traffic than search engines. So, if your business marketing strategy fails to have a social media component, it is time to get one. Even though some people are still focusing on the traditional lines of search engines, the youngsters are inclining more towards social networks to find new information, faster and a lot easier.

  • Recent studies have indicated that around half of the users within the age bracket of 18 to 23 and 43% of users between 24 and 32 have used social networks as their discovery resource.
  • So, it isn’t hard to say that some of the social networks like Twitter and Facebook are highly preferred by individuals to get their information covered and right on time.

Visual discovery platform is gaining quite some popularity nowadays:

Just like discovery platforms for curating content, there is another group quite interested in visual search. It is another new e-commerce trend with high potential to transform the entire online marketing experience. Even though a lot needs to be discovered yet, it is easily known that visual content is always preferred over text versions by users. Some reports indicate that around 59% of the USA consumers will find the visuals notes rather important than textual ones while shopping. So, presenting enough visuals is another part that social media sites need to work on.

For your real-time content:

It has already been stated that much like content discovery platforms, there is a great client base for social discovery and even monitoring tools. An impressive tool by the name of Bottlenose launched public beta a few years back. It provided users with trending news, real-time events, and popular pictures to help them stay connected with the new trends. So, you can gladly state this tool as yet another promising content discovery platform to watch out for.

It is always mandatory to go through all the discovery platforms first, check out their features, and then head for the final call. The research will help you to make the right choice with that.

Author’s Bio:

Walter Moore is a freelance writer at gramista and has been writing articles for different publications and sites for the past 5 years. His hobbies include bike riding, fishing and listening to music

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