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Somenath Nag, Vice President Marketing and Corporate Strategy, Calsoft Inc.

Creating extraordinary experiences for its customers, Calsoft sticks to its value proposition of providing peerless solutions in storage, networking, virtualization, cloud, and emerging technologies

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“Our advanced product engineering and disruptive digital solutions help global ISVs and enterprises to quickly pivot to changing market dynamics.”

Somenath Nag,
Vice President of Marketing & Corporate Strategy,
Calsoft Inc.


The pandemic has been has been an eye opener in many aspects. It has forced a tectonic shift across sectors over the last two years. Thanks to the rapid advancements in the field of deep-tech and digital technologies, despite standstill conditions, organizations prodded on.

Notwithstanding the surrounding gloom and severe despondency, the unthinkable happened! India managed to incubate over 2,250 startups in the year 2021, over 600 more than what was added in the previous year, according to a report by Nasscom and Zinnov. The Indian startup ecosystem remained vibrant and dynamic, despite the pandemic. Although 2022 is projected to be a promising year, the lessons learned in the last two years will be pivotal for the startups, as they navigate through the new normal.

In a series of features on the Great Indian Startup ecosystem, we shall present exclusive interactions with the most promising, innovative startups, based on three key pillars of innovation, collaboration, and entrepreneurship.

As a first in a series, we present here the story of software product engineering services company Calsoft Inc.

In an exclusive interview to SME Channels, Somenath Nag, Vice President of Marketing & Corporate Strategy, Calsoft Inc., provides insights into his company’s mission, stress on innovation, differentiation technology, the innert drive, business-critical early traction, state of current revenue, ways to mitigate risks, and last but not the least, growth projections.

What is your company’s stated mission? What’s the background of your founders?

Innovation powers everything that we do at Calsoft. As a “Technology First” company, we are on a mission to find new ways to solve our customers’ problems. Our advanced product engineering and disruptive digital solutions help global ISVs and enterprises to quickly pivot to changing market dynamics.

We focus on Engineering R&D, Digital Transformation, Data Center & Telecom Infrastructure Product Engineering, and Enterprise solutions for Fortune 100 and 500 entities, mid-sized players, and start-ups across verticals. Our blend of experienced leaders and young energy makes us fit to work with top companies as well as startups with 800+ engineering projects cutting across Data Center, IoT, Machine Learning, and Data Analytics domains.

We are led by Dr. Anupam Bhide and Sharmila Bhide. Before founding Calsoft, Anupam led elite development teams at HP, IBM, and Oracle, and he also worked as a Research Scientist at IBM. He also holds a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Berkeley.

Similar to Anupam, Sharmila Bhide also worked at Oracle, prior to founding Calsoft. There, she worked as a Product Manager, handling some of Oracle’s financial suites. She has also pioneered the development of an integrated portfolio management, accounting, and tax software package for hedge funds. She holds an MBA from Yale, and is a CPA as well.

What is your unique value proposition or competitive advantage?  

Calsoft has been at the forefront of delivering innovation in the Datacenter & Telecom Infrastructure Product Engineering space ever since its inception. Our 23 years legacy of developing products for the finest of Fortune 100 companies makes us the de-facto vendor for their product engineering initiatives. We are here to create extraordinary experiences for our customers, and our value proposition is providing peerless solutions in storage, networking, virtualization, cloud, and emerging technologies.

What positive early traction has your company achieved? 

Over the past few years, we have made great improvements, both externally and internally. We have maintained consistent growth rates before as well as after the pandemic. Our improvements put us in the right position to sign up several new customers in our focus areas for 2022 and beyond, and our teams made sure to focus on nurturing our existing partnerships. Our efforts have led to several technological breakthroughs as well. Of course, none of this would have been possible without our teams, and we know it. Our focus on People management and our positive work culture got us nominated for a Great Place to Work Certification as well.

What innovation do you bring into the marketplace? Does your brand have differentiated technology? 

Our agile style, along with a strong focus on technology innovation & core engineering expertise, helps our customers achieve their business goals. Being an IT product engineering company, we rely hugely on our engineering and IT processes to deliver customer delight. We have set up innovation labs within our engineering organization to add value beyond the expectations of our customers.

These innovation labs have offered us several improvements and advancements. We have innovated a number of new methods with regard to our services across a number of domains. Delivering product roadmaps, usability, security, cloud adoption, and scalability are fields where our innovations are taking us to the next level.

But while new and improved features are fantastic, successful products need more than that. It is the human element that matters, which is why we have increased our focus on user and customer experience and have dedicated ourselves to making things as easy for our customers as possible.

What is the biggest risk you face, and how do you plan to mitigate that risk?  

In terms of business, we have gone full-throttle on the planning phase to avoid revenue leakages because of COVID-19 pandemic. At Calsoft we have always believed in establishing a good communication process with our customers bringing in fewer iterations and more transparency.

In terms of human capital, like any other IT business today, we face the risk of attrition. We have ensured that there are HR processes that bring back the focus on people, cultural values and employee benefits in these testing times when most of the employee base is working remotely.

What is your growth projection for FY 2022-2023?  

As a private limited company, we cannot mention the actual growth projections in terms of revenue. From the human capital perspective, we see a healthy pipeline of engineering projects and we plan to hire 1000+ engineers across various locations of Calsoft.

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