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Customer Spotlight: How LastPass Identity Provides Unified Security for a Technology Company

As a growing technology company, Natterbox employees require access to multiple cloud-based sites in order to complete their daily tasks. However, managing the credentials to multiple cloud accounts in a secure way was burdensome on employees. Natterbox required a solution that would allow their employees to securely manage and access their cloud applications as well as securely share credentials between team members.

In addition, Natterbox relied on multiple two-factor authentication solutions to secure their infrastructure. Different authentication solutions were used for different applications. Natterbox was looking for an opportunity to streamline their authentication experience to create a consistent end-user experience.

LastPass allows Natterbox to create a simple, consistent experience for access and authentication to cloud applications. With access, LastPass single sign-on (SSO) secures key applications, such as Salesforce, to reduce the number of accounts that end-users need to manage. Password management ensures that all non-SSO enabled applications employ strong credentials to reduce the risk of a security threat.

For authentication, LastPass MFA provides Natterbox an opportunity to streamline their end-user authentication. In addition, LastPass MFA geofencing policies allows Natterbox to restrict access from other countries and provides a strong final layer of defense.

“LastPass Identity provided us a password management, single sign-on, and multi-factor authentication solution that is easy to manage and creates a consistent end user experience.” – Adrian Evans, Chief Information Officer, Natterbox


  • Many of Natterbox’s employees were new to password management, but LastPass intuitiveness made it easy for employees to get up-and-running quickly. In addition, the LastPass security score helps IT to monitor compliance as well as adoption.
  • LastPass changed the password culture at Natterbox. Now, employees don’t have to be burdened with remembering their complex passwords. With LastPass, employees rely on single sign-on, password management, and multi-factor authentication to securely access their cloud applications.
  • With LastPass, Natterbox enhanced their internal security and reduced the threat of compromised credentials impacting their business.

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