Data Resolve excels in the Era of Digital Disruption

An Indian security startup which has transgressed the boundaries of Indian sub-continent, Data Resolve stamped its presence in the highly competitive cyber security market. The helmsman behind the whole initiative, Dhruv Khanna, Global Sales Director, Data Resolve Technologies speaks about his efforts and completive advantage over the established companies.

Brief us about Data Resolve.

Data Resolve is an IIT Kharagpur incubation company. Our award-winning product inDefend is an integrated solution for Insider Threat Management and Employee Monitoring for mid-sized and large enterprises.Currently managing 100000 End-points across the globe with 200+ enterprise clients.

Data Resolve is focused on addressing issues related to corporate fraud, data leak, and employee productivity with security analytics via endpoints, for in-premise and on-cloud platforms, with our integrated product suite inDefend – Solution for Insider Threat Management for the workplace as well as handheld devices.

Tell us about your product lines.

Data Resolve offers a user behavior centric reaction system which prevents access to unauthorized removable media devices, websites and applications.

It also offers independent solutions that encompass diverse cyber security requirements, including employee monitoring, confidential data theft detection/prevention and corporate cyber intelligence.

What is the USP of your products?

The USP of our product is UBA that we are not just DLP, we are a UBA based DLP. An integration of DLP and UBA helps us understand user-wise access to data and hence set policies/rules based on organization requirement. User Behavior Analysis helps understand the user’s behavior vis-a-vis the confidential data, application usage, browser or search engine activities, USBs, offline activities at the endpoint, etc.

  • This also helps in attaining reduced level of false positives
  • Analyzing critical/Suspicious users in the organization
  • More visibility on the critical/sensitive data going out of the end-point

With employee productivity management as a layer makes us unique in the industry, organization gets a 360 view of employee on-going activities coupled with data movement posture, this helps in managing:

  • Use of Company bandwidth for business applications
  • Manage remote workers / outsourced employees productivity
  • Control proliferation of pirated or unwanted applications

What is your channel strategy?

We are a partner-driven company and work with partners with deep capabilities on cloud, tech support. Our Software stack is the easiest stack from implementation to manageability standpoint hence focuses goes beyond information security partners. Our focus is simplicity and ease of use and reports when it comes to Software and eco-system managing it. Our 70% business comes from new generation partners across all India and International markets.

 What is your technology partner’s ecosystem?

We have 3 categories of partners, one purely works as lead generation to implementation, 2nd category of partners – broadly consulting firms, where they own the first piece of implementation followed by managed services covering both technology and operational support, 3rd category is “Born in Cloud” partners, they are cloud evangelist and own all the above piece and earn more than 50% revenue from the overall transaction.

 Which are your ideal vertical markets?

Answer – If you look at our story, we are vertical independent. However, we have seen success with manufacturing, Fintech, government. However, the focus for us is Mid-market.

What is your customer success story?

Answer – I am absolutely delighted to have inDefend as a part of our business process. The product is not only enhancing security to protect company’s confidential data from cyber security threats, but has also brought many accolades to Orbis for successfully facilitating its customers and employees with a highly cyber secured framework to function.

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