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Dell Technologies Bolsters Dell PowerStore with Storage Performance, Resiliencyand Efficiency Advancements


PowerStore Prime combines system advancements, Dell APEX AI innovations and programmatic benefits for customers and partners

Dell Technologies has unveiled Dell PowerStoreadvancements for better performance, efficiency, resiliency and multicloud data mobility. Dell also expands Dell APEX portfolio with new AIOps advancements and enhancedmulticloud and Kubernetes storage management.

“Our PowerStore advancements and new lineup of financial and operational advantages for customers and partners pack a powerful punch and raise the bar in all-flash storage,” said Arthur Lewis, president, Infrastructure Solutions Group, Dell Technologies. “And we didn’t stop there. Our focus on innovation also extends to Dell APEX, where we’re improving infrastructure and application reliability through the power of AI and automation, making it even easier to manage multicloudand Kubernetes storage.”

“Our PowerStore advancements and new lineup of financial and operational advantages for customers and partners pack a powerful punch and raise the bar in all-flash storage.”

– Arthur Lewis, president, Infrastructure Solutions Group, Dell Technologies

Dell PowerStore helps manage increasing workload demandswith theindustry’s most flexible quad-level cell (QLC) storage and significant performance enhancements and the Dell PowerStore software advancements improve efficiency, security and cloud mobility:

“Dell PowerStore is helping Fulgent Genetics transform patient care in pathology, oncology, reproductive health, as well as infectious and rare diseases, by significantly accelerating data processing speed so that our physicians can deliver faster genetic insights and test results to our patients,” said Mike Lacenere, vice president, Applications, Fulgent Genetics. “PowerStore enhances our commitment to sustainability by minimizing energy use and reducing the size of our data centers while providing us considerable cost savings. With PowerStore’s new advances, we expect this trifecta of performance, efficiency, and cost savings to continue to increase which will help us improve patient care.”

These PowerStore advancements are part of PowerStore Prime, a new integrated offering that combines updated PowerStore systems with programs designed to offer customers greater storage investment protection and increase Dell partner profitability.

PowerStore Prime makes it easier and more rewarding to sell PowerStore. Building on the Dell partner-first strategy for storage,partners can nowincrease PowerStore sales with competitively priced product bundles and deliver expanded use cases for joint customers. Partners can also streamline sales motions when selling PowerStore and PowerProtect offers together.

“PowerStore’s new 5:1 Data Reduction Guarantee and new QLC array are a testament of Dell’s unwavering commitment to meet customer efficiency goals while lowering the cost of advanced storage,” said John Lochausen, technical solutions architect, World Wide Technology. “Dell’s new partner incentives and guarantees bring it all together, putting us and our customers in a position to succeed with the latest advances in all-flash storage.”

Unleashing the power of AI

Dell Technologies continues to evolveits Dell APEX portfolio to meet customer needs across key focus areas like AI and multicloud. Dell APEX innovations deliver leading AIOps capabilities and improvestorage and Kubernetes management.

Dell APEX AIOpsSoftware-as-a-Service (SaaS) optimizes Dell infrastructure health and service availability with AI-driven full stack observability and incident management. It is a significant expansion of Dell’s AIOps tools that simplifies operations, improves IT agility and delivers greater control overapplications and infrastructure through three integrated capabilities:

  • Infrastructure Observability: Resolves infrastructure issues up to 10X fasterthan traditional approachesthrough AI-powered health, cybersecurity and sustainability insights and recommendations. GenerativeAI-poweredDell APEX AIOps Assistantdelivers instant responses to infrastructure questions and provides detailed problem-solving recommendations.
  • Application Observability: Yieldsup to 70% reduction in mean time to resolution of application issues11 through full stack application topologies and analytics for assuring application availability and performance.
  • Incident Management: Optimizes digital infrastructure availability through AI-driven incident detection and resolution that reduces customer-reported multivendor and multicloud infrastructure issues by 93 percent.12

Dell APEX Navigator SaaS expands to include Kubernetes storage management and additional support for Dell APEX Storage for Public Cloud offers:

  • Dell APEX Navigator for Kubernetes is generally available, simplifying Kubernetes storage management on Dell PowerFlex and soon, Dell PowerScaleand Dell APEX Cloud Platform for Red Hat OpenShift, by bringing advanced data services like data replication, application mobility and observability to containers.
  • Dell APEX Navigator for Multicloud Storage addssupports Dell APEX File Storage for AWS with support planned for Dell APEX File Storage for Microsoft Azure later this year. This offer simplifiesstorage configuration, deployment and monitoring across a universalstorage layer created by Dell on-premises and public cloud storage.

Customers can get started with Dell APEX Navigator for Multicloud Storage and now Dell APEX Navigator for Kubernetes through a 90-day, risk-free trial.

The Dell PowerStore software enhancements will be globally available in late May.

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