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One of the interesting products we developed was a drone that incorporated radar technology and sensors to deter birds from aerial spaces, that were causing damage to equipment. ” Basant Sharma, Vice President, Detroit Engineered Products

In a special interaction with SME Channels, Basant Sharma, Vice President (VP), Detroit Engineered Products (DEP), reveals his organization’s strategy to address growing demands from customers, the future of Deep Tech in India, his predictions for the Indian automotive industry in 2022 and much more. Edited excerpts…

Please tell us about Detroit Engineered Products (DEP), its services, and solutions.

DEP provides customers a one-stop solution for everything from Benchmarking, Design concepts, to Detailed design, Simulation, Testing, Prototyping and other developmental support services. DEP takes on the challenge of building a comprehensive solution that result in faster-time-to-market, irrespective of the various engineering hardships in the product development cycle. We provide unique solutions using our integrated CAE platform, DEP MeshWorks. With the robust features of MeshWorks, we promise futuristic product creation, especially with the application of morphing techniques that transform an existing design into a new shape and geometry. Additionally, for further optimization, we don’t need a traditional way; instead, we can increase performance directly by doing modifications in CAE models using parametric technologies.  Being a technology torch bearer & services expert, we support customers in product development segment by saving cost, time & effort.

What is your company’s USP that sets it apart from competitors?

CAE has evolved in the last few years to give the customers varied options. Using DEP MeshWorks as a single user integrated platform, they can utilize the modelling process to create CAE models far faster than most other technologies on the market. They will also be able to develop and optimize new concepts. Our customers may carry out several processes, such as optimization, concept generation, and design, using a single platform. This aspect of multi-disciplinary tools provides substantial ROI, which can be calculated with the man-hours saved. Since we can provide solutions using our own custom software, we offer a high degree of flexibility and customization to the customer.

What are the applications of DEP products in a changing world? What does the future of Deep Tech in India look like?

DEP works with companies on creating innovative solutions to real world problems. We have worked on a range of solutions over the years, to help clients address the problem they were solving.  One of the interesting products we developed was a drone that incorporated radar technology and sensors to deter birds from aerial spaces, that were causing damage to equipment. Another product that we had designed is an in cylinder combustion sensing technology with which we can monitor cars to emission (CO, NO) levels in real time. We also design a driverless people autonomous people transporter, which is already in operation in a prominent global smart city. DEP has been working on and will continue to work on a number of products in cutting-edge technology.

Creating technology that connects with design thinking to deliver real-world solutions more efficiently is something that India and enterprises all around the world require. Hence, deep technology has a lot of potential, but companies need to invest more to unlock its true potential, and we have to develop an entire ecosystem for it to be truly fruitful. Deep Tech in India is still at a nascent stage, as the problems we are solving are still too immediate. The scope that it has to address and find solutions to the bigger problems is something at which we are still at the top of the iceberg.

AI is expected to be the next market to emerge. What role does AI play in the development of your products and services?

We are in the business of engineering data. We help organizations optimizes their product performance. This is math data-based approach that synchronizes multiple disciplinary product performances and advises the design team on how design parameters affect product performance. This is model data based predictive approach. We analyze pool of engineering data available in organization and help capture key learnings so that design team could leverage them in their product development. Our tools, techniques and methods do help businesses transform their product development cycle. Some of the tools we have built help organization that are involved in additive manufacturing to optimize the support for the parts. Our sensor and IoT has already been deployed to capture the data from engines in real time to make prediction on the products of combustion inside every cylinder of engine for every cycle. This makes closed loop real time control possible.

Which of your software or simulation platforms is in high demand in the Indian automotive industry, and why?

DEP MeshWorks has a large number of modules, and each one is in high demand. We have automated several complex workflows which are now readily available in the tool, or can be customized, which reduces the time for routine CAE workflows, and can be performed with no particular CAE experience. The use of parametric technology allows them to swiftly tweak their model into new concepts. MeshWorks also has custom tools available in it to address particular challenges in modeling and optimizing complex geometries like tires, plastics and packaging, which are very popular.

How are you working on OT and IT integration and security?

We and an engineering and product development services provider, and all the solutions we provide adhere to stringent security norms. Data security and privacy is of the utmost importance to our clients and we ensure we abide by all leading certifications for the same. However, at the moment we do not provide solutions in the IT sector.

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