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Easy-to-Deploy Collaborative Solutions Need of the Hour for Business Owners

Pramod Sharda, CEO - IceWarp India & Middle East

As we wriggle into the ninth month of this year, we complete six months of working from home due to the ongoing pandemic. This phase of the pandemic onslaught has affected every individual and seems far from over. While we are still learning the tricks and trade to co-exist with the virus, many organizations, industries, teams, and resources are striving to function amidst the impending threat of Covid-19. By now most of the organizations have brought in substantial changes in order to adjust to the new normal that is working remotely; large organizations have been able to implement the same to some extent, however, many small and mid-sized organizations are still not accustomed to it. In the present scenario, to survive and sustain, businesses are switching to remote functioning and looking for online platforms that are easy to deploy.

For an organization that aims to achieve its goals, those with a diverse clientele, it becomes challenging to identify a one-size-fits-all collaborative solution. This growing industry demands a tailored approach, an approach that is strategically and carefully thought through. Collaborative solution development is a way for innovative and advanced firms to partner with a team of experts who recognize the organization’s need for more efficiency in daily workflow and consult them to deliver solutions specifically to address the organization’s business needs.

Many organizations, especially Non-IT sector lack the required skill-set to deploy complex collaboration software. In such cases, experts are needed to be hired, adding up to the overall expense. Furthermore, deployment often takes a lot of time during which teams, resources, and machinery are not used. This directly contributes to loss of productivity. Contrary to popular belief, not every solution requires a special skill-set for installation, advanced easy-to-deploy solutions, hence, are preferred more by businesses for seamless switching without hampering productivity.

The easy-to-deploy solutions provide the necessary data protection which is compulsory during any stage of software migration. Data is considered the most vital aspect of any business. Loss of even a fraction of data has the ability to seriously jeopardize day-to-day business operations. This is why it is extremely important to ensure that all data is secured during software migration, or can be restored whenever necessary. Various leading providers of encrypted email collaboration services ensure that no data is lost when emails, contacts, chats, calendars are migrated. With access to reliable business email solutions one can be assured that every data, information and process will be safeguarded ensuring security and avoiding any form of data breach. Once the data is safeguarded, businesses can flourish without any hassle.

The organisations build custom solutions that fit best while analyzing the problem areas that keep a business from achieving the set goals and design systems and practices to overcome the difficulties that have delayed them in the past. By collaborating and understanding the unique business requirements, the then generated tailor-made solutions allows an organization to work more efficiently and communicate proactively with their clients.

Collaborative services are prone to make fewer errors as compared to other modes of communication thus making it all the more reliable. Often software that requires manual deployment is prone to errors. On the contrary, collaborative solutions are easy to use and following easy deployment procedures. Deployment of these solutions does not involve any cumbersome link, uploads, or downloads of documents making it safer for the users.

Numerous organisations offer easy to use features in a single browser window. These features do not require multiple applications for running, nor do they require purchasing any third-party application.

A secure solution for every communication process is needed by the world now. At present when data hacks are increasing by every passing day, one needs to be more careful while migrating to any new collaborative software. Most Collaborative solutions are completely safe and provide seamless collaboration in real-time. One needs to look for a solution that suits an individual and his/her organization the best; which would in return allow the team and processes to run continuously be in an optimal condition, ensuring productivity at a faster pace. Therefore, it is advised that before choosing a collaborative software, make a list of features that you would really need for your business. This will make the purchase and deployment procedure cost-effective.

By Pramod Sharda, CEO – IceWarp India & Middle East

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