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Embee Software Launches a Series of Dridh Hai Hum Startups Accelerator Workshops

Collaborates with Microsoft India to provide technology, go-to-market, business empowerment, and an interactive community experience to the promising startups and entrepreneurs.

The Dridh Hai Hum workshops for startups, powered by Embee Software and Microsoft India, aims to empower startups across key stages of their growth journey, right from those at the ideation stage to startups looking to reach the next level in fulfilling their vision. The company also aims to provide technology, support, visibility, and an interactive community experience to the promising startups and entrepreneurs through the series of workshops.

“Startups have always been hard. Even when you think you are putting in your best, it may not be enough to pull it off.  To this end, these workshops are aimed at sharing a platform for startups fraternity to connect with our experts and share their experiences and learnings about challenges they face in scaling their startups and how to overcome them. It is always a great pleasure to interact and engage with Startups founders & technology leaders, so we at Embee are geared up to empower Startups & SMBs in carving their digital transformation journey and will continue to organize such workshops in upcoming months.” Sudhir Kothari- CEO and Managing Director, Embee Software Pvt Ltd.

The December edition of the workshop- ‘From a Startups to becoming an enterprise – Explore what all it takes’ took place on December 22nd, 2020 from 10 am to 12 noon, featuring a panel of successful start-up owners, industry leaders and change-makers, including Nitin Verma, Co-Founder, Orgzit; Sagar Joshi, Public Speaker and Cloud Solution Architect, Microsoft; Sneha Mann, startups Ecosystem Manager, Microsoft and Aman Singhal, Solution Architect- Cloud Services, Embee Software Pvt. Ltd.

It has become challenging for most businesses to keep their wheels running during the pandemic due to the general uncertainty in the global environment. Unfortunately, the impact on startups can be way more brutal with sudden slumps. As a result, evolving businesses carefully need to reconfigure their business strategies and take decisions like choosing the right team, seeking funds, choosing the right technology stack to power start-up’s operations. To combat this situation, Embee and Microsoft enable startups to grow revenues, reach new customers and set their businesses apart from competitors, with the right cloud strategy.

Aiming at a vision that startups or evolving businesses might need to set sights on the future to fast-track their entrepreneurial journey, Embee Software and Microsoft India piloted the Dridh Hai Hum workshops. The series features prominent startups founders and industry leaders across sectors who shared insights on tackling major challenges and crossing key milestones needed for Startups to secure sustainable growth on their journey to scale and success. Each workshop was driven by solution experts from Microsoft and Embee, along with seasoned Startups player to answer tech and business queries.

The workshop began with an opening note from Shivani Sharma, AVP-Marketing, Embee. After that Sneha Mann, start-up ecosystem manager at Microsoft discussed how Microsoft can help startups at every stage of their journey, current programs and offers and how they can get right technical guidance.

It was followed by a brief presentation from Sagar Joshi who discussed how Microsoft cloud architecture can help startups to scale and accelerate their growth in a secure manner. After that Aman Singhal discussed why now is the right time for start-up owners to move to the cloud, key drivers, challenges, solutions, and debunked the most popular cloud myths.

Nitin Verma then took over to share his insights and learnings on building and growing a start-up, followed by Q and A and a closing note from Shivani.

“With Dridh Hai Hum Workshops, it’s entirely about empowering Startups with the right tech, business, and marketing strategies. For today’s workshop as well saw Startups coming in from different verticals and sizes. It was great to experience the outstanding level of engagement between startups and technology and business experts from Embee and Microsoft. We are all geared up to come up with more challenging, real-deal scenarios and their solutions that Startups face for our upcoming workshops”, Shivani Sharma- AVP- Marketing, Embee Software Pvt Ltd.

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