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“Emerging Threats In Data Security – Navigating the evolving landscape”


The Cyber threat is sprouting day by day with the attackers becoming more and more smarter and sophisticated in their attacks each day. There isn’t any shortage of shocking trends in the area of cyber threat. In an age that is witnessing rapid technological progressions and growing digital connectivity, the arena of cyber threats is more vigorous than ever. The area of cyber threats has stretched and transfigured, making it extremely important for individuals, organizations, and governments to safeguard their digital assets and make this their top priority. Many attackers are relying less on malware and more on exploiting tools such as remote monitoring and management, Identity-based attacks using compromised credentials, etc. This article will enlighten you about the ever-developing world of cyber threats, exploring the numerous forms they take and providing perceptions on what you need to know to protect yourself and your organization in this virtual age. Experts are of the view that security threats are going to become more sophisticated and expensive by 15% from what it was in 2015.

“Preventing emerging cyber threats is easier and simpler than handling the after effects of cyber-attacks.”

Dhruv Khanna, CEO & Co-Founder, Data Resolve Technologies Pvt Ltd

Let us go through some of the trending threats:

  1. Social Engineering – This is one of the most dangerous hacking techniques as this relies on human error rather than technical vulnerabilities. This is a key method adopted nowadays to obtain employee data and credentials to cause all the harm. This makes such attacks easily susceptible as it’s easier to trick a human than to breach a security system.
  2. Third Party Exposure – With things becoming digitalized nearly all businesses have computerized their dealings and this also involves third parties like vendors. Cybercriminals get around security systems by hacking the less secured channels and causing all the damage.
  3. Poor Cyber Hygiene – This refers to regular habits and practices regarding technology use like avoiding unprotected WIFI Networks and implementing safeguards like a registered organizational network.
  4. Cloud Vulnerabilities – With Cloud Storage becoming popular, data here is at risk too. Hence, proper security measures are needed to safeguard the data here too.
  5. Mobile Device Vulnerabilities – With an uptick in mobile usage, this is another sector that is targeted by cybercriminals.
  6. Internet of Things –IoT connectivity opens a world of vulnerabilities for hackers. The average smart device is attacked within five minutes of connecting to the internet. Inadequately secured IoT devices can be leveraged as entry points for hackers into home networks or corporate systems.
  7. Ransomware – Ransomware attacks are not new but now they have become more prevalent, with cybercriminals demanding hefty ransoms to release encrypted data. Attackers are now targeting critical infrastructure, healthcare systems, government offices, etc, causing widespread disruptions. The biggest example in front of us is AIIMS.
  8. Phishing AttacksAnother impersonation threat that has seen an uptick is Phishing. The attackers send emails/messages to users that lure them to click on spurious links that lead them into the organizational network to cause all the harm. This a common tactic used by cybercriminals to deceive individuals into revealing sensitive information, such as login credentials, credit card numbers, and personal details. Phishing emails and websites continue to evolve, making them harder to detect.
  9. Supply Chain Attacks: Cybercriminals use the weak areas in the Supply Chain to gain entry into the organizational setup and install their malware to hack into the system and cause damage.
  10. Spyware – This is a type of Malware that is installed to collect information about users, their system, browsing habits, etc, the information is then used to install other malicious programs to infect and cause damage.
  11. Insider Threats – This is a security risk that begins with the targeted organization. It involves a current or former employee with administrative privileges or rights to access the sensitive information and lead to its intentional leakage affecting the reputation and business of the company.

Preventing emerging cyber threats is easier and simpler than handling the after effects of cyber-attacks. Keep your system up to date and install a good cybersecurity system to remain safe and at peace.

For this, I will introduce you to inDefend Advanced, a business suite developed by Data Resolve Technologies a leading Insider Threat Management Company. Their product inDefend Advanced protects your organization from data leakage/ breaches and at the same time also monitors employee behavior and productivity.

How does it do this?

  • It forms a shield around all the sensitive data and analyses the system after which limited people are allowed limited access to the most valuable information of the organization.
  • Data Leakage/ Breaches at every point or source are guarded be it via the net, email, printer, cloud, USB, etc. Any outflow of data is logged to hold people accountable if the need arises.
  • All critical data is encrypted from one endpoint to another.
  • Any outbound data is encrypted so that it is decrypted only at the correct source.
  • Access to the internet is granted only to selected employees and that too is limited access according to the requirement of their job profile.
  • Application Sandboxing is available and access to social media, entertainment, and shopping sites is blocked.
  • It offers full transparency to the employees irrespective of the size of the organization and regardless of whether the employees are in the office or working remotely.
  • Third-party support and vendor Management are also supported by inDefend Advanced.
  • Only registered devices are allowed to connect to the network of the organization. Thus, in this way, employees with BYODs are also under protection.
  • Daily Logs and Screenshot facility allows regular audits and allows us to take proactive measures to prevent any data leakage.
  • It also sends out real-time alerts in case of any probability of data leakage.
  • It works from a single dashboard so it is easy to track too.

Thus, just one product takes care of all the challenges and inDefend Advanced will provide you the all-around protection that you need to safeguard yourself, and your company and to be confident!!!

Do contact us to know more….

Author of the Article

Dhruv Khanna, CEO & Co-Founder, Data Resolve Technologies Pvt Ltd

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