F-Secure Nets Two AV-TEST Best Protection Awards In One Go

F-Secure has won its sixth and seventh AV-TEST Institute’s Best Protection Award. The accolades re-affirm that businesses and consumers can continue to place their trust in F-Secure.

F-Secure Protection Service for Business (PSB) and F-Secure SAFE passed AV-TEST’s rigorous scrutiny to gain the awards.

“F-Secure SAFE and PSB Computer Protection products provided the highest level of security services throughout 2018, which AV-Test recognized with its Best Protection 2018 Award,” says AV-TEST CTO Maik Morgenstern. AV-TEST examines Windows platform solutions monthly and gives the Best Protection Award to the solutions that consistently perform the best throughout the year. AV-TEST experts evaluate how well security products protect against real threats, instead of being theoretically evaluated in simulated test conditions.

The German company’s meticulously-designed tests involve using many of the weapons that are at cybercriminals’ disposal. These include attacks via infected emails, downloads from websites, drive-by attacks, and zero-day malware.

The wins mean that businesses can trust that all their devices are protected against all threats such as ransomware and data breaches. Consumers get complete peace-of-mind with protection against viruses, trojans, ransomware, knowing that their online banking connection is secured and that their entire family can surf the internet safely.

Mika Ståhlberg, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at F-Secure, remarks proudly that “AV-TEST’s rigorous testing process shows how we compare when it comes to protecting people and businesses. It’s great to gain recognition for all of our hard work, and we’re the best once again.”

Best-in-class, reliable endpoint protection is critical to protecting end-users and stops attackers in their tracks before they can gain a foothold inside a network or on a personal device. F-Secure has Labs with a world-class team of researchers and an active threat hunting team, which uses offensive techniques to both spot and anticipate emerging threats. F-Secure uses a combination of both human and AI excellence to protect their customers, with consultants on four continents that conduct incident response, forensics, and data breach recovery.

“I think these wins show our consistent commitment to protecting the individuals and organizations that trust us,” comments Ståhlberg.

“We wouldn’t have won this recognition from AV-TEST seven times without our consistent investments in hiring the best people and building the best protection technologies, which are of a consistently high standard. Day in, day out, year in, year out,” he concludes.

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