Four-Day AORUS Tournament Kicked Off at A-Long Gaming Cafe

Experience the first tactical monitor along with RTX games with TeamAORUS

AORUS tournament started out on March 16th in the first AORUS ICafe at Ahmedabad with over 100 gamers gathered. Throughout the four day competition, the gamers will need to Team Up, Fight On with each other to win the final title. During the event, AORUS also showcased their newly launched World’s First Tactical Monitor, GTX1660Ti, GTX1660, and RTX2060 series. On March 19th, the last day of the event, AORUS prepared a special event for all the Ahmedabad Gamers. To celebrate the Holi festival, AORUS will host a Holi party at A-Long café at the end of the event, showcasing all AORUS RGB products and throwing coloured powder and water at each other. Gamers can dance, laugh and feast together to celebrate the RGB along with Holi festival with AORUS.

Team Up, Fight On to win variety of goodies and INR30,000 total prize pools

AORUS is a premium gaming brand powered by GIGABYTE. In March, AORUS aligned with their first AORUS ICafe– A-Long Gaming Café to do a 4 day tournaments with total prize pool INR 30,000. In order to align with AORUS slogan – Team Up, Fight On, five gamers can group together and participate in the event. To bring the special experience to the gamers, AORUS prepared great hardware settings by AORUS PC, and also offered diverse exclusive AORUS goodies and cash for the final winners.

Game on CS: BD, DOTA2 with AORUS PC and Experience The AORUS AD27QD Unique Feature Of  Multiple Gaming Experience Sessions To Light Up Your Passion For Gaming The gamers not only have the chance to game on the premium AORUS PC, but also can enjoy the exclusive features for world’s first tactical monitor – AORUS AD27QD, such as ANC (Active Noise Cancelling Technology), Aim Stabilizer, OSD Sidekick, Game Assist. AORUS also bundled hot games with their premium PC, for CS: BD, DOTA2, and many more.  AORUS prepared a suggested PC setting for the enthusiastic. If you are looking for an advance hardware setting, let AORUS help you win the game.


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