Frost & Sullivan Recognizes CrowdStrike with the 2022 Global Endpoint Security Technology Innovation Leadership Award 

Sarah Pavlak, Frost & Sullivan Industry Security Principal

Frost & Sullivan recently assessed the global endpoint security industry and, based on its findings, and recognized CrowdStrike with the 2022 Global Endpoint Security Technology Innovation Leadership Award.. The company brings artificial intelligence and machine learning to endpoint security to provide unparalleled prevention of malware attacks on and off networks. Its single, lightweight agent has extremely low performance overhead achieved by running its detection technologies – including AI and ML algorithms – both on the agent and in the cloud. The company secures the most critical areas at risk and continues to refine its endpoint security solution to stay ahead of adversaries and stop breaches.

The CrowdStrike Falcon platform was developed in response to ever-growing cyberattack sophistication to quickly recognize emerging attack patterns while automatically preventing threats across the company’s global customer base. The platform was created as a cloud-native offering to protect any size of organization and any number of endpoints. It has tight integration between email, web, mobile and application security for overall protection as attackers have increased the volume and sophistication of web-based threats. The platform proactively implements cybersecurity measures for threat detection and response, allowing monitoring for future attacks.

Sarah Pavlak, Frost & Sullivan Industry Security Principal, said, “CrowdStrike demonstrates brand strength and customer loyalty with 71% of its customer base using 4 or more of its modules. Continuous global expansion allows the company’s research and development plans to move at the pace of the adversaries; support constant, intelligent, customer-centric innovation; and fulfill its robust technology roadmap.”

The CrowdStrike Falcon endpoint security solutions offer three levels of support tailored to the unique needs of customers. CrowdStrike enables organizations to take a unified approach to detect and prevent attacks across endpoints, cloud workloads, identity, and data. The endpoint solution spans detection, containment, investigation, and response capabilities for increased protection against cyberattacks. The Falcon platform leverages mega trends and adapts innovatively to secure diverse workloads through a single, lightweight agent that provides timely and reliable threat detection without the need to manage and update signature files. It allows a significant number of customers to protect their cloud workloads using its straightforward user experience, removing the need for additional point protection products. CrowdStrike provides customers with impactful protection in a “single pane of glass,” setting the Falcon platform apart from the competition that requires multiple products and interfaces to achieve protection.

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