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G7 CR Technologies Launches ‘HE HA’ to spread HEalth and HAppiness for its 120 employees

  • The Health and Happiness Center is spread over 6000 Sq Feet
  • Entire 1 floor out of the 4 floors is dedicated to Health and Happiness Centre
  • The facility has a full time Doctor, 2 dedicated leading fitness experts for the gym, professionally qualified nurse for the child care and a fully stocked health bar with nutritious and delicious snacks
  • The facility is open 24/7 for its employees

G7 CR Technologies announced the opening of its exclusive HEalth and HAppiness center (HE HA) at their existing office located at Mithra Towers in Bengaluru. Spread over 6000 Sq Feet, the health and happiness floor has a full-fledged Gym, Yoga Station, Day Care for Kids, Gaming Zone, Prayer Area and a Clinic as well.

The newly launched facility comes with a full time Doctor, 2 dedicated leading fitness experts for the gym, a professionally qualified nurse for child care and a fully stocked health bar with nutritious and delicious snacks. The facility will be open 24/7 for all G7 CR employees.

There has been a great deal of change in the way work is done and how offices are being managed in the past one year. G7 CR Technologies has taken account of the changes in the work environment and made the workplace quirkier, more exciting, and innovative so that the employees are not only happy to come back but also cherish to be at the workplace, more than ever before. The company is complying with all the COVID-19 guidelines provided by the government.

The salient features of the updated workplace include:

A Gym and Yoga Station: The lockdown made us all realise the importance of being physically fit and mentally at ease. Equipped with high-end gym machines and state-of-the-art exercising machine, has a cardio and strength sections, weight training equipment, and functional training facilities. Besides this, to make the mind calmer, the company has a yoga and meditation area. The surroundings look like the perfect area where both beginners and advanced level yoga practitioners could carry on with the yogic exercises. What is more is the presence of trainers and instructors so that the best guidance is available to the employees in respect to physical training and yoga asanas.

Day Care for Kids: The company believes in inclusive growth of the employees and they understand that a parent could never be at more ease than realizing that his/her young children are around in a safe and secure environment. The company has come up with a separate area where the employees could leave their kids without being worried about anything else and go around with their usual work.

Gaming Zone: With pool, table soccer, chess, and carom, to name a few, the company has come up with a gaming zone which could make any indoor amusement area facilities envy. So, whether it is a Friday or a hectic day at the office, a few rounds of billiards or table soccer is always waiting to release that extra bit of anxiety. This is what rejuvenation is all about, after all.

Prayer Room: To seek that extra help from the almighty, the company has set up a peaceful area where the employees could spend a few minutes on their own to pray and seek peace of mind in their own time.

Clinic: The company has also arranged a clinic with a nurse and a full-time doctor to ensure that whenever the employees are not feeling physically fit or have met any minor mishap in the premises, they could receive first aid and consultation immediately.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Christopher Richard, MD & Chief Cloud Architect, G7CR Technologies India Pvt Ltd., said, “Employees have worked enough at home and there must be a good reason, besides the salaries and remunerations, to bring them back to the workplaces. The activity areas and health facilities simply add to the flavour of an already-innovative office environment. People should not feel tired or a lack of rejuvenation or motivation should not hamper the work quality of the employees and hence the company has come up with almost so many options that could help the employees find one reason or the other to come back to the workplace and enjoy working more than ever before.”

“Financial critics often question the need of investing a huge amount in ‘testing times’ in the fun and quirky activities when such amounts could have been invested in research and development. The simple answer is the fact that we as an organization believe and consider the employees as the most important part of the organizational growth and success,” added Dr. Christopher Richard.

G7 CR has been recognized globally for its technical capabilities driving cloud success journeys for businesses from industry verticals such as Banking, Insurance, Manufacturing, Healthcare, PSUs, Education, Retail and IT. The company played a vital role for most of the SMBs, SMEs and Enterprises in migrating from physical desktops to VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) on the cloud, in a very short span of time during the pandemic so that SMEs and SMBs can work smoothly from the comfort of their home.

The company has in the recent past come up with various HR initiatives for its employees. Earlier when the pandemic struck, the company had announced a work from home allowance of INR 18,000 for all its employees. In addition, the company had also announced benefits of INR 1 Lakh as hospitalization expenses for COVID related treatment. The company went a mile ahead to deliver comfortable chairs from its office to the employee’s homes and is also reimbursing monthly internet bills as well.

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