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Go Green: RP Tech India Opens 50 E-Waste Collection Centers Pan India 

The Company has also started a toll-free helpline number 1800-212-1520 for collection of e-waste.

In a bid to tackle the growing menace of E-Waste, RP Tech India, country’s only value-added distributor has commenced 50 e-waste collection points across the country. The company has collaborated with Reteck Envirotech Pvt. Ltd., one of the largest authorized e-waste recyclers, to recycle end of life electronics and accessories collected from end users. The company has urged people to handover electronics to these collection points for safe disposal.

The issue of e-waste pollution has become a grave concern in India with the drastic surge in electronics and gadgets. The industry estimates state that India stands at the 5th place with over 2 million ton of e-waste production annually. According to the report of ASSOCHAM, the e-waste generation in India would reach 5.2 MT per annum by 2020 from 1.8 MT per annum in 2016.

E-waste pollution causes toxic emissions and poses several serious health hazards to the environment. The recycling of e-waste is largely in the hands of the unorganized sector, which do not implement scientific recycling methods, causing serious threat to workers (mostly women and children) handling this waste on a daily basis.

Talking about the cognizance of this serious issue, the Government in 2017 introduced the concept of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) under e-waste (Management) Rules 2016, which is mandatory for every producer of electrical and electronic equipment. The objective of EPR is to make producers and manufacturers accountable for the recycling of e-waste in an environmentally friendly manner. RP tech India is committed towards the Green initiative and duly comply with the EPR norms.

Talking about the initiative, Mr. K.K. Choudhary, Co-founder and Director at RP tech India said, “As a leading IT Distributor, it is our corporate social responsibility to ensure that we contribute towards the green and safe environment. As an environmentally conscious organization, we have initiated various awareness campaigns to promote e-waste recycling in all 50 branch locations pan India. We have also started a helpline, where consumers can get information about these e-waste collection centers, where they can hand over their electronics.”

”We collected approximately 5 MT of e-waste in the previous year and we are confident that with dedicated efforts and focused awareness drives, we will be able to increase the number. We urge all people in India not to dump e-waste in open and use our platform to contribute towards Green India”, Mr. Choudhary added.

RP tech India is currently running several orientation and training programs for its employees. The company also intends to drive multicity e-waste awareness roadshows pan India.

How Can You Contribute To A Greener Environment?

  • Handover your end of life electronics and gadgets to the RP Tech India E-Waste Collection point in your respective city.
  • RP Tech India will then handover the e-waste to the Authorized Recycler for safe disposal.
  • You can also call on toll-free number 1800-212-1520 to understand and drop e-waste to the nearest collection point.

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