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How to Run Offline IT Channel Post April 20th  

(L-R) Saket Kapur, General Secretary, PCAIT | Alok Gupta, President, PCAIT

Orders can be aggressively booked on respective brand owner portal while the B&M channel can be used for on-site delivery/fulfilment of same.

It is true that offline IT Channel activities have come to a grinding halt due to COVID 19. But as a ray of hope, MHA has issued guidelines on lockdown relaxation post 20th April 2020. However, it also does not have clear mention of offline IT Channel. PCAIT, the leading IT partners’ association based out of Delhi, have suggestion for the MHA.  Following is the letter from the secretary of PCAIT to the MHA.

Dear Sir

With reference to MHA guidelines dated April 15th, 2020 on conditionally starting economic activity in certain business verticals and geographical locations from April 20th 2020. On bare perusal of Clause 14(ii)&(xi) of the said guideline it can be safely concluded that Retail of IT Hardware and Service rendered by organisations through B&M outlets is not permitted. However on the contrary commencement of Sale of both essential and non-essential Goods through rival OLS platforms from April 20th 2020 is a matter of great concern for the countrywide Brick and Mortar channel which is carrying huge unsold  inventories owing to targets based on forecasted sales for the month end and financial year end.

In wake of likelihood of continuation of Lockdown until the transmission curve of brutal Corona Virus is flattened, more and more sectors are embracing technologies to work from home and need reliably latest IT hardware for same. It is a matter of grave concern for the B&M channel that most of the accumulated demand for fulfilment from April 20th 2020 will get diverted to rival OLS platforms thus further adding to the woebegone of B&M channel thus causing inter alia issues related to payment default and severe cash flow issues.

Further to telephonic conversation in this regard with Shri Alok Gupta, President, PCAIT on behalf of each and every channel partner of this country, it is suggestively reiterated that Orders can be aggressively booked on respective brand owner portal while the B&M channel can be used for on-site delivery/fulfilment of same. Modalities, modus operandi, and modus vivendi can be deliberated and construed with the intent to move the unsold stock of B&M Channel partners to generate adequate liquidity to trigger start the payment cycle. The B&M IT Channel is fearing the worst in these times of uncertainty and despair. Your kind consideration to afore suggestion or any other initiative which can liquidate the unsold stocks and revive the business will inspire confidence and infuse much required motivation to tide over the current crisis.

Looking forward for your earliest empathetic response to foregoing distress call of the offline IT channel.

Saket Kapur
Secretary, PCAIT


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