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IceWarp Rolls out Lucrative Enterprise Email and Collaboration Solutions

IceWarp India has rolled out its special pricing offer on Enterprise Email and Collaboration Solutions. The company is offering high discounts to lure businesses. This will help businesses to save up to 70% across plans.

With Microsoft 365 expected to increase their pricing and Google announcing the end of ‘G Suite legacy free edition,’ IceWarp’s family of applications is expected to be a sought after option, because of their ‘only pay for what you use’ model.

IceWarp provides users with a choice to customize their plans based on their requirements which makes its products and solutions a choice for enterprises –  irrespective of their sizes – as cost-efficient email and collaboration solutions.

IceWarp’s special pricing offer allows users to seamlessly switch from Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace or any other platform to IceWarp with the added advantage of paying for 12 months and enjoying 15 months of subscription. Moreover, users can enjoy free migration of up to ₹2.5 lakhs as well as be able to customize subscription plans and save up to 70% on the total cost to their company. With multiple local data centers in India, the brand provides round-the-clock, all-year local OEM along with 24 x 7 phone and email support to its customers. The plan includes Business email, Conferences, TeamChat & Documents, along with Web, mobile & desktop versions of IceWarp apps.

IceWarp delivers an innovative all-in-one collaboration platform that offers real-time collaboration tools, simplified sharing options, and smooth integration of various virtual office functions in the interface users are used to. IceWarp allows users to use its solutions alongside other widely used enterprise collaboration software, so that they won’t  have to learn to work on a new interface.

Unlike competitions, IceWarp presents organizations with an opportunity to offload full or a part of their requirements to its more beneficial and value for money platform.

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