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IndiaIT360 comes up with a new offering, Startup Connect – A Turning Point for all the IT-Enabled Startups

Startup Connect, the latest offering from IndiaIT360, allows the IT-enabled startups to register themselves and showcase their products and offerings to a larger audience. Also, this platform can help them to connect with Venture Capitalists for their startup funding.

IndiaIT360, after the successful launch of OEM Connect, Channel Connect & CIO Connect, has now come up with the latest offering for the upcoming IT-enabled Startups who want to leave an indelible print in the entire ICT fraternity.

The launch of Startup Connect by IndiaIT360 is a lucrative opportunity for every IT-based Startup that dreams of climbing the stairs of success. With this platform, startups can showcase their products and services seamlessly.

Startup Connect brings together the entire startup community under one common roof, alongside the top OEMs, CIOs & members of the Channel fraternity. As a result, Startup Connect is not only a tipping point for upcoming IT-enabled startups; indeed, it’s a win-win situation for the channel partners and CIOs as well, says Mr. Alok Gupta (Managing Director of IndiaIT360 Solutions Pvt. Ltd). On this platform, Startups will get an amazing opportunity to connect with 12,500+ partners, 200+ CIOs and 100+ OEMs. A great opportunity for transition of the startups in a short duration of time from a new brand in the market to a recognizable OEM.

What makes Startup Connect Unique?

  • Each Startup will have a profile page with a detailed pitch about the products/services they are offering, which will provide unique visibility to them in front of the entire ICT fraternity, inclusive of OEMs, Channel Partners, distributors, sub-distributors, and CIOs.
  • When it comes to building a robust IT infrastructure, Startups can connect with the Top CIOs who can provide great mentorship and help them build a stronger organizational infrastructure.
  • Startups can connect with venture capitalists by showcasing their case studies and product page through the online portal. It helps bridge the gap between Venture capitalists and startups and will facilitate funding opportunities.
  • Startup Connect provides a platform to foster closer cooperation between the new startups, OEMs, channel partners, and CIOs.

Final Say

The pandemic has left businesses, governments, and even startups with many challenges. Today, it has become significant for startups to scrounge their way to succeed in the “digital ecosystem.”

IndiaIT360 aims to build and unify the entire ICT fraternity and address the age old problem of not being able to reach out to the right people at the right time.

Realizing the significance of leveraging resilient and robust IT infrastructure for the growth of the ICT-enabled startups, IndiaIT360 is proud to announce Startup connect – a unique platform for startups to find ways for growing and transforming with digital empowerment.

IndiaIT360 is knitting a beautiful & strong network that connects Startups & OEMs to channel partners and CIOs so that everyone can craft an incredible success story, leaving an indelible footprint in the entire ICT industry.

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