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Indiaitchannels Paves the Way Towards the Success with 3500 Registrations in a Month

(L-R) Saket Kapur, General Secretary, PCAIT | Alok Gupta, President, PCAIT

Launched on 26th June 2020, PCAIT promoted Indiaitchannels platform has achieved a record breaking 3500 plus partner registrations. This initiative of PCAIT for the entire ecosystem partners is going to revolutionize the way the IT business happens so far.

Acknowledging the success, Alok Gupta, President of PCAIT, said, “It is great that we have managed to accomplish this much of registrations within a short time. We believe that the platform would be able to inspire other enterprises as well.”

Insight that shaped 

PCAIT’s insight to create this Indiaitchannels for IT fraternity is not just only one factor but there are so many that helped platform achieve this huge success. The achieved success of Indiaitchannels is driven by ideas and innovation incorporated in it. The platform welcomes the ideas and concepts that are unconventional and relates them to new technologies to ensure enhanced and improved offering for partners.

Considering the reason behind the thought process of obtaining this achievement, there are different reasons. One, it is because of the PCAIT’s years of value and reputation that has helped them achieve such amazing outcome within a month only.

Secondly, it takes a lot of capital to initiate the e-business such as there is website designing, development and what not so it could be another reason. No one would want spend huge money especially when they are offered a platform like absolutely ‘Free of Cost’.

Thirdly and very important, Covid-19 had led to destroy countless businesses and huge monetary loss especially to IT fraternity. With Indiaitchannels, IT network not only can fight back the covid-19 situation but also can secure themselves from any sort of financial or business loss. They can offer their products and services to the customers without letting them visit the store, office or outlet physically. Thus, these are most probable reasons that platform has stepped towards the success.

Set targets 

The development of this platform is an opportunity for complete IT community as it will assist them in offering their latest Services, products and Resources. The current achievement of the platform has boosted up the morale and now Indiaitchannels targets for around 5000 registration to be completed by 15th of August.

By the end of this year, it has been estimated that around 10K people will connect whereas the target of 25, 000 registered partners in Indiaitchannels is to be achieved within a year. To achieve the set target, the entire team of developing the platform is constantly working towards it by providing an opportunity to initiate the e-business for their services and product related ventures.

On the other hand, Mr. Gupta has stated that the registered partners can soon begin the journey of creating and managing their own catalogue page. The wait is not so far as the creation of e-catalogue page will begin from 1st, August, 2020. Once the e-catalogue page is created, IT partners would be able to initiate e-marketing and displaying their products online for regular and prospective customers.

Wrap up 

The achievement of 3500 registration within a month is the depiction of accomplishing the set targets by Indiaitchannels. It proves that the platform very efficiently has managed to transform the offline IT retailers to turning them into e-tailors. It is also anticipated that if IT network is getting connected that means there is a belief in them that Indiaitchannels would help to enhance their reach and expansion of business.

All in all, the platform proficiently is stepping towards the amended objectives of providing different opportunities to IT fraternity. The continuous efforts and hard work can be seen from the current achievement.

Lastly, summing up, Saket Kapoor, General Secretary of PCAIT and Mr. Kapoor has expressed their gratitude for receiving such an amazing response from the IT fraternity. They also stated that, “We are beholden to the associates for providing us such immense support and expresses to offer their best of services”.

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