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Infobip Launches ‘Moments’– Helping Brands add a Human touch to Customer Communications

Global cloud communications platform Infobip has launched an omnichannel customer engagement hub – Moments. Moments empowers brands to segment their customers by demographics and behavior alongside other metrics, thereby driving contextual messaging and rich experiences across major marketing channels.

As more people join the digital bandwagon in the New Normal, ‘Moments’ leverages Infobip’s mobile-first telecommunications solutions to ensure all customers have rich and consistent experiences across all marketing channels. It delivers the right set of messages to the right customer at the most optimal times. Moments does so across the channels that a brand’s customers generally prefer. Some of them include social messaging apps (such as WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messenger, Line, etc), SMS, email, voice, mobile applications, websites, and also the emerging channels such as RCS.

Moments empowers marketers and businesses to drive highly effective campaigns that resonate with their customers on a personal level. It provides a 360o view of every customer which can be used to automate ‘multi-step communications flows’ and ‘behavior-triggered messages’ across different channels. The platform can even analyze an end-user’s actions as well as the interactions at each step of the consumer journey. This approach ensures that every customer comes across cherry-picked communication that drives superior engagement with great personalization.

Harsha Solanki, Managing Director India, Infobip, comments: “The digital lines are bedimming very rapidly.  A customer in nothing flat can get lowdown on, with your business on WhatsApp and wind up at your website after a quick Google search. This globe trot gets cyclic when the same entity engages with you on WhatsApp again. This cyclic engagement holds good even for other channels of marketing including voice and emails. The present scenario merits the prerequisite of a robust omnichannel strategy in place that ensures you don’t miss out on any customer or conversation – be it on your website or WhatsApp.”

“We have developed Moments, while taking all such scenarios into consideration. Moments builds on Infobip’s state-of-the-art technology and empowers organizations to deliver personalized messages that generate optimal results amongst your target audience. We do so across the widest range of programmable channels offered by any platform globally. In the wake of the pandemic-induced digital surge, we are sure that this approach will prove crucial in driving brands closer to a customer-centric form of marketing.”

Key features include:

  • Easy cross-channel campaign management: Moments allows marketers to create, orchestrate, and run campaigns across Infobip’s vast portfolio of channels through a single interface. Messaging campaigns can be delivered and scaled at the right time on the customer’s preferred and most relevant channel.
  • Unified customer data: Creates richer customer profiles by connecting and unifying data from multiple sources, enabling businesses to understand customer needs better and create personalized campaigns.
  • Smarter audience segmentation: Personalize messaging campaigns at scale by segmenting audiences based on events, tags, behavior, or special occasions.
  • Dynamic marketing automation: The ability to onboard, activate, and re-engage via multistep campaign automation, and create an event and behavior-based triggers to respond instantly to customer actions.
  • Powerful analytics: Through event and segment analytics, businesses can optimize customer interactions by setting goals to track conversions and access insight-driven funnel reports. There is also the ability to test which messages and channels get maximum engagement results with A/B testing.

Harsha concludes: “In India, we’ve remarked an overwhelming adoption of smartphones and digital tools of late. Perhaps, Moments will enable brands to unlock the true power of communications by adding a human touch to it. The overarching objective will be to turn business communications into something a lot more meaningful – thereby curating the perfect ‘moments’ for both businesses and their customers.”

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