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Infortrend Launched U.2 NVMe Unified Storage Solution

Infortrend launchedU.2 SSD solution for enterprise unified storage – EonStor GSfamily. The new EonStor GS U.2 NVMe All-Flash Array is high performance storage for enterprise, equipped with U.2 NVMeSSD, it provides higher IOPS and throughput and is more cost-effective. It’s a unified storage that support both SAN and NAS. It supports block-level and file-level scale-out to linearly increase performance and capacity. Also, EonStor GS U.2 NVMe All-Flash Array provides complete data protection, including RAID for disk protection, snapshot, remote replication and public cloud integration for data backup.

With U.2 NVMe SSD’s high speed and low latency PCIe Interface, GS U.2 NVMe All-Flash array provides up to 20/10 GB/s read/write performance and 1000K IOPs within single appliance. EonStor GS U.2 NVMe All-Flash Array also features extraordinary scalability in terms of performance and capacity. Through scale-out expansion, the cluster performance can linearly increase up to 80/40 GB/s read/writer performance and 4000K IOPs as you add more appliances. As for the capacity expansion, EonStor GS U.2 NVMe All-Flash Array supports both scale-out and scale-up solutions. The scale-out architecture allows you to expand both performance and capacity, enhancing system availability. At the same time, you can install expansion enclosures on each appliance to scale up more than 3000 drives.

GS U.2 NVMe All-Flash array provides not only the higher performance but also the affordable price compares with the SAS/SATA SSD. With Automated Storage Tiering function, GS U.2 NVMe All-Flash Array can automatically leverage the U.2 NVMe SSDs’ advantage to deliver faster performance for frequently accessed data, while making better use of NL-SAS/SATA HDDs in the expansion enclosure as data archiving media, thereby boosting system performance and reducing the cost of ownership.

EonStor GS U.2 NVMe All-Flash Array has the intelligent algorithm to handle the data that is about to written in the storage appliance, it not only reduces the total amount of the write to SSD for longer lifespan, but also prevent multiple SSD failed at the time that cause the data loss. In additional, EonStor GS U.2 NVMe All-Flash Array monitor the SSD’s status in real time, it can estimate its remaining lifespan and send out the notification to remind administrator to replace the SSD which is about to failed.

Frank Lee, Senior Director of Product Planning, Infortrend Said, “ Today, for your applications that are slowed down by storage read/write speed, you can gain both lightning-speed performance and expandable capacity withthe new All-Flash Arraysupporting the newest generation of U.2 SSD. Its performance is impressive, and end users will notice the difference immediately”.

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