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Innovative iX TruePartner Program Increases Channel Revenue Gains

iXsystems has crossed yet another milestone today. It announced the TruePartner channel program which multiplies partner generated revenues as much as 300% with the company’s expanded RevMatch revenue matching feature. To outmaneuver the competition, partners are equipped with technically mature products and a 250,000 strong open-source community which reinforces their support infrastructure.

If we understand this whole mechanism a little deeper, the TruePartner Program advantages include increased and better margins for partner-registered opportunities. In addition, partners also receive increased margins on opportunities provided by iX. Partners are receive preferred access with well-crafted iX technical engineering and prompt pre- and post- sales support, along with a bundle of dedicated marketing resources. Inside sales integration with collaboratively driven joint meetings and leads are included in the program as are Not for Retail (NFR) demonstration units. Finally, TruePartners receive access to RevMatch™, where iX will walk partners through winning a deal, then will “match” contributions with other deal(s) that iX has sourced, of equal value

iXsystems is a vendor on the rise in the channel and with the new program, the whole ecosystem benefits. Partner VARs, resellers, and MSPs get access to the leading open storage platform and products, with a wide range of use cases across one million deployments. This equates to more than ten exabytes of storage under management that is supported by the TrueNAS community-backed QA team.

“Managed storage and data protection services are a foundational aspect of our service offering, supporting mission critical data for legal, healthcare, financial services, and other important industries. To deliver best-in-class capabilities requires storage solutions built to meet these demanding workloads,” said Nathan Golden, Owner, Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Solutions, Managecast Technologies, Inc. “We are very pleased with TrueNAS Open Storage and with the new TruePartner Program as it reinforces the efforts of both our sales and customer service teams to ensure industry-leading compensation and rock-solid support.”

The RevMatch reciprocal revenue multiplier is a highly unique iXsystems’ channel program feature that empowers partners to close a registered opportunity and gain matching fulfillment revenue provided by iXsystems. Benefits are straightaway correlated to the amount of business which is generated through this program. RevMatch is so well designed that is levels the competitive playing field for partners by providing dollar-for-dollar revenue matching on new deals generated. This innovatively designed program has the ability to nearly triple earning potential while also introducing net-new customers to partners who can then attach other solutions and services in due course.

“As a US-based IT infrastructure and security partner focused on a wide-range of industries, iXsystems’ enterprise-grade, feature rich, and expandable storage solutions backed by stellar technical support have been key to our success,” said Chris Poer, Director, Cloud Infrastructure and Services for TechGardens. “When matched with their exceptional TruePartner program which provides superior sales and engineering support, RevMatch opportunities, and clear customer focus truly enable Techgardens to excel in the market.”

“TrueNAS Open Storage has always been a reliable platform for businesses seeking mature, high-performance storage solutions for data intensive environments,” said Jon Manley, GHA Technologies, Inc. “The TruePartner Program augments TrueNAS deployment efforts with fantastic engineer-level support and enhanced revenue matching that is much more compelling than traditional spiffs. We look forward to participating in the new program and to our mutual success.”

“TrueNAS Enterprise is fundamental to the growth of our channel with unmatched freedom and value well beyond what is possible from other system providers,” said Matt Finney, Vice President of Sales for iXsystems. “Our community creates demand, your customers are already likely using TrueNAS today, and we are here to help accelerate your go to market.”

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