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Iris Supplies 4,000 LG TFTs to Chennai Partner

Balaji MohanRaj, Managing Partner at Airwave Communications

Iris Global Services has recently supplied its Chennai partner Airwave Communications” with 4000 LG TFT display devices worth over Rs. 8.5 Cr.

Airwave, which is Iris Global’s new valued partner since a year, is an authorized Rate Contract Holder for LG LFDs and Signages in ELCOT (the nodal agency for Tamil Nadu State Govt). IT purchases). Airwave has been supplying all their LG requirements sourcing them from Iris.

Balaji MohanRaj, Managing Partner at Airwave Communications, said “Iris Global, has supplied us 4,000 Nos of 27 inch LG TFTs. These products have been installed and integrated for our corporate client’s offices at Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. They have used the devices for computing displays. The supply amounts to around Rs. 8.5 Crore.”

“Iris has been very helpful to us with their prompt deliveries. Immanuel’s efforts have been truly commendable. We have also sourced and supplied LG TFTs  from Iris for the State Educational Teachers Training program and we are planning on Security Projects soon,” Balaji added.

“Airwave Communications has a strong presence with the state Govt of Tamil Nadu. They are working with LG thru ELCOT. In most of the state’s display requirements Iris has been their preferred distribution partner. We like to support them with our efficient logistics services which will definitely help them grow,” said Immanuel Jebaraj, Branch Manager, Tamil Nadu, Iris Global.

Iris Global, in the recent past has helped partners with holding stocks and even making deliveries at their various clients’ installation sites. The support from Iris comes a big way in helping  Partners who look to do more projects with them. Iris assesses and helps them by extending credit and even opening their warehouse at odd hours to meet the urgent critical delivery deadline.

Iris has enabled a new partner with a supply of 1,000 Samsung mobiles. The company helped them in structuring their deal, end to end and completed the supply efficiently with a personal touch.

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