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IValue Partners with Smokescreen to deliver next-generation threat detection and response systems

IValue continues to partner with leading-edge technology providers thus helping customers in their digital transformation journey. Smokescreen is the latest entrant in Ivalue’s compelling and complementary offerings in the Data, Network and Application Management, and Protection space. Smokescreen’s proprietary deception platform, Illusion BLACK. detects, deflects and defeats advanced hackers in a manner that is false-positive free and easy to implement. It effectively handles multiple avenues of attack and augments the response capabilities that most companies have.

iValue boasts of a distinctive go-to-market for focused practices that comprise BFSI, Government, Enterprise and Channels. There is also an experienced team engaging consultants, Big 4s as well as regional consultants primarily on the GOI and banking projects apart from the large enterprise opportunities. Empowered by analytics for business development, iValue has been delivering 4x market growth for its OEMs consistently over the last 10 years. Smokescreen with its cutting-edge 3rd generation deception platform is tremendously poised to enable iValue’s 3500+ strong enterprise customer base.

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