Budget Reactions

Kartik Shahani, Country Manager, Tenable India

“The events of 2020 made it clear how reliant we are on the digital infrastructure and supply chains that underpin modern society. As India seeks continued growth and competitiveness in the global economy through budget allocations in healthcare, infrastructure, innovation and R&D amongst other areas, securing the digital infrastructure that underpins our society needs to sit at the core of every single project.

Budget allocations towards healthcare is a necessary step in our race to combat COVID-19. Tenable’s own Threat Landscape Retrospective found that in 2020, over 46 per cent of the breaches in the healthcare sector were caused by ransomware attacks, with breaches accounting for nearly eight million records exposed.

Along with the new opportunities that come from making the internet more accessible to citizens and organizations in various parts of India, there are significant cybersecurity challenges that organizations and governments need to manage. Greater connectivity expands the attack surface. And if there are any lessons to be learnt from last year, it’s that cybercriminals are relentless and will seek to test the resilience of all defences whether digital or physical. Therefore, our digital progress must be thoughtfully guided by the considerations for the safety and security of our country.”

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