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Know the power of content and am effective content marketing strategy to bolster your social media presence

Social media, with over a billion active users, is indispensable in propelling your persona

l branding and marketing strategy. However, a bulk of that influence depends on your audience’s size. Social media is integral to the growth of your personal brand.

  • Apart from fortifying your profile by making it in sync your brand’s image and very welcoming to your audience, you need to know who your target audience is.
  • The entire system is about your followers. The more you know about them, the better social media strategy you make.
  • Knowing what type of content your followers consume is very crucial. When you and they are active on certain networks, you can push your content in there.
  • Sharing original content has no parallel. You can create different types of content, videos, podcasts, mini infographics, or blog posts. Regardless of the type, original content highlights your interest or seriousness, and your expertise.
  • Choosing proper topics are paramount. Check the content your competitors are creating and assess the resultant engagement.
  • There are tools to discover good-performing content in the industry. Your sales team can also come in handy here.
  • When you have a concrete idea about your audience’s preference, you need to organize your content.

Sharing gripping content

Content remains the best way to create a following. When you have content that your audience wants to consume and engage with, you cannot skip it. The content you share should add value and prestige to your brand. You can have your own ideas or take from others’ posts. Self-promotion or business promotion can be the least.

Out of 100, only 10% of your social media content can have a promotional tone. It will then help you build goodwill and reliability, providing your followers with relevant information and proper content. Nobody follows or buys from a brand that hammers you with self-serving deals and promo offers.

Most importantly, you need to focus on your platform and assess your audience’s modality. For real-time content or contents hovering on instant updates, Twitter is way ahead of Instagram or FB. Timing is also critical. B2B firms have the highest clickthrough rates. All platforms provide you with analytics and insights about engagement.

Crafting a content strategy

You don’t have a one-size fits all strategy to ensure success. Do remember that your strategy will vary in compliance with your niche and audience. The first step is the identification of goals and setting them straight.

  • Your content goals are the first step. You need to dig into brand values along with your audience’s pattern.
  • When you have specific marketing directives, you can tailor your content to your objectives. For instance, if you want to convert social media sales, your marketing scheme must incorporate content that drives traffic to a landing page.
  • You can also use the process to move users to your marketing landscape.
  • It’s crucial to plan and curate your social content. Many brands have audit teams to prepare their social media content.
  • You can check your top-performing posts and the ones that didn’t farewell.
  • For the ones using social media management sites, you can have all your analytics and data under one roof.
  • Use the report builders to gain a holistic account of your content’s performance. Content audits help in substantiating your findings in compliance with quantitative data.
  • You can know individual performances of your content. At times, you might notice a discord between your findings and the results. You need to evaluate the tone and language you’re using in that content.
  • On some occasions, marketers drift from their authentic voice or pitch, which makes your audience interpret it as irrelevant or inauthentic. It hampers your engagement.
  • A content calendar is very useful. It enables you to take a cohesive approach to content planning. It helps in visualizing your directives. You can then organize them in a streamlined way.
  • Your content calendar becomes your content den.

Writing the best content

Bolster your research and make sure your content is in sync with your client’s language. Semantics play a big role here. Use the parlance for writing your content. It needs to resonate with your followers. You can buy real likes, but you need to sustain your followers as well.

  • Inculcate your voice. Although it’s important to write posts in your target audience’s language, your voice is no less crucial to convey the overall message.
  • Your brand voice includes the emotion and visage you instill in your social media interactions and marketing strategies.
  • You create the voice with the same tone and words you use to write posts or engage with your audience.
  • It’s very crucial to maintain brevity and precision. Time is precious and if you want traction from your followers, makes sure you value their time.

Images and words

Twitter might be the simplest of all social networks for content sharing, but its importance is undeniable. Hashtags help in engaging more individuals to your posts. However, don’t misuse their power or reach. Be selective in your hashtag and make sure they are relevant. Don’t use more than two hashtags on your post.

  • Twitter allows you to post content frequently. Since the character limit is still 140, you can use images to attract more traffic.
  • Facebook, on the other hand, it gives more content options. You can post them with images, links, and videos.
  • After entering your FB post’s URL, it detects your link, automatically supplying its succinct description and image.
  • They grab attention, stir emotions, and entertain the audience and convey a powerful message.
  • A gripping headline is always crucial.

Consistency matters

A simplistic style can reap rich dividends. Your mission statement can show the purport of your brand and your social media objective. A summary for your audience is also helpful. A brand voice for your social media underlines the tone of your business.

Branding and networking will follow suit. A writing toolbox is pivotal in this regard. There are social media optimizers to help you gauge and use the dynamics behind creating brilliant social media messages.

You need to evaluate your character length, message format, emojis, and hashtags, and many others.

Author’s Bio:

Pete Campbell is a social media manager at Blastup and has immense knowledge about email marketing and Instagram promotion. He delights his clients by helping them buy real Instagram likes. He loves to travel, write, and play baseball.

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