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Kodak S3060 Scanner from Kodak Alaris

Looking at the massive digitization and paperless office, there is a high need of intelligent, secure and high – end scanners for all the organizations today. We were in the pursuit of finding out good scanners so that we can give our viewpoints which can be useful for the IT department of the organizations. We ended up finding the Kodak S3060 Scanner, which is a gold rated product and a replacement of i3000 family of products.

Kodak S3060 Scanner processes the documents of all types in the scanner and directly delivers to your system to use it further. This is one of the very cost effective scanner with faster ROI yield.

Kodak S3060 Scanner is one of the fastest and intelligent scanners that one might have seen in the industry in A3 range. This scanner takes every type of document starting from thick ID cards to paper documents to Cheque leaves and scans in seconds; although it takes little wider documents also. With 60 ppm / 120 ipm, S3060 Scanner is not a very impressive machine from its foot print but the amazing speed, accuracy and functionality changes the perception about the functionality of the scanner. You can scan the documents in a variety of formats and send to the destination. When you unbox the machine, it turns out to be a tiny scanning robot with dimension of 10 – inches height and a little more than 14 – inches of depth. You pull out the extension to hold the documents upto A3.

This machine obviously a high-end and advancement over its predecessors as it offers best image quality with perfect page technology. The file size comes out of this scanner is the smallest with the given speed of 60 ppm. For the enterprise use, it comes with security features. Obviously the service would be offered directly from Kodak Alaris. The user can put 300 pages and it can scan in a minute only and executes 25, 000 paper scanning.

The integrated large LED display allows to do everything from the machine itself – no need to move from machine to workstation. In a sense, after the scanner gets set, there is no need of the computer at all. The inbuilt chip takes care of everything. Without the help of the laptop or desktop, the machine optimizes the documents starting from enhancing the quality of the paper from deskewing to auto orientation to auto cropping, auto sharpening, to background colour smoothing, and many more. The machine also recognizes the writing orientation and corrects it. The machine itself takes care of merging the images or splitting the images, etc.

It is so easy to set up that the user can do customization as per their requirement without the help of the IT department and even share among the fellow workers. It memorizes the individual profiles that one need not to set it up again and again.

The inbuilt HTTPS and Restful APIs allow the user to scan the documents over network and TLS encryption ensures privacy of the data. Plus, the image comes with scanning time and date to give the user the history of the scanning.

It is very fascinating to watch the machine while it is functional. The movement you add documents, the tray senses it and it goes up and the rollers grab the document. Post scanning as per the configuration, the machine sends the image to designation destination whether it is to your SharePoint, or Google Drive, e-mail, or even Evernote, etc.

So, it is a complete peace of mind for the IT department and true production machine for the organizations starting from banks to customers facing front offices to back office batch scanning.

Kodak S3060 MRP Rs. 303620 +18% GST
Kodak S3060 MOP for trade Rs. 227340 + 18% GST

Kodak Alaris India Pvt. Ltd.
Toll free : 1-800-210-8989
Email: askme@kodakalaris.com
Website : www.alarisworld.com

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