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LastPass Celebrates 25 Million Users

So much has changed in 12 years, but our commitment to protecting our users has remained the same. In honor of that commitment, and each of our 25 million LastPass-ers around the world, let’s take a look back on 25 of our favorite moments and reasons to celebrate being a part of this great community.

#1 Helping you transition to remote work

The transition to working and socializing remotely over the last few months was not easy for anyone. LastPass helps you and your family stay safe online during a surge of phishing attacks and helps businesses support employees who are now working from home.

#2 Keeping all your sensitive information safe – not just passwords!

You may know LastPass as a password manager – but we actually do much more than that! LastPass can save and protect all your sensitive information, from addresses, passports, credit cards and more!

#3 Monitoring your online security – so you don’t have to

We just launched our new Security Dashboard which includes dark web monitoring. LastPass will monitor all of your accounts and alert you if your email address has been compromised – allowing you to change your password and protect yourself from potential security breaches.

#4 Ensuring you’re protected across all devices for free

Between working and socializing, you use a lot of different browsers and devices – phones, tablets, laptops. And it’s essential you can access all of your accounts on all your devices – easily and for free – which LastPass allows you to do.

#5 Breaking down autofill barriers on mobile

Speaking of devices… did you know LastPass can automatically fill in your usernames and passwords on iOS and Android? Filling in credentials on your smartphone or tablet is super fast and easy in both apps and the mobile browser.

#6 Never getting locked out of your LastPass account again

If you worry about losing your master password, do not fear! Users who have downloaded and logged into the LastPass mobile app on Android or iOS can recover their accounts very easily using fingerprint or Face ID authentication. We call this mobile account recovery, and it’s pretty awesome — set it up today!

#7 Keeping your family safe

What’s more important than ensuring your family is safe online? With LastPass Families you can share things like the Netflix and Wi-Fi password with your kids, and the credit card accounts with your spouse. Everyone has access to exactly what they need.

#8 Keeping your accounts safe with strong passwords

Having strong and unique passwords for each of your accounts is one of the best things you can to protect yourself from identity theft. LastPass makes it easy to create strong passwords with our password generator.

#9 Sharing sensitive information without the worry

Our users share approximately 170,000 items a week! Whether you’re sharing the WiFi password with your roommate or working on a team that all needs access to the same accounts – you can share quickly and safely with LastPass.

#10 Browsing and shopping made easy

Our users use LastPass to login to sites or fill forms approximately 177 million times per week! LastPass autofill logs you into sites quickly and makes shopping online so convenient. And we are always making improvements to the autofill experience.

#11 Giving you easy access to the tools you need to work

In 2019, we expanded our business solutions beyond password management to offer a whole suite of identity and access management solutions – including single-sign on and multifactor authentication. This makes it easier for you to access the tools you need to get your work done.

#12 Letting employees go passwordless

In 2019 we also introduced several new ways for employees to simply and securely access all their work without having to enter a password: Workstation Login, Offline Mode and an expanded portfolio of federated identity providers.

#13 Gaining your trust with our security model

Our zero-knowledge security model protects everyone from the individual user to the biggest organization that uses LastPass. Your security is our top priority, and we appreciate your trust.

#14-21 Winning some exciting awards in 2020

LastPass has won 8 awards so far this year, showing just how much impact LastPass has on your daily life, whether it’s at work or at home. Check out the full list.

#14 PCMag Editor’s Choice

#15 Fortress Cyber Security Award

#16 InfoSec Award

#17 TrustRadius Award

#18 SC Media

#19 2020 SIIA CODiE Award Winner

#20 Tom’s Guide Best Password Manager

#21 Business Insider Best Overall Password Manager

#22 Listening to our customers

4.5/ 5 stars on the Google Chrome Store and over 29,000 ratings shows us the love our users have for LastPass. Not to mention the helpful comments and feedback we get in the reviews section. Also, our business customers have shown their love through some informative case studies showing how they are using LastPass to protect their businesses.

#23 Engaging with the LastPass community

To support our growing 25-million users, we just introduced the new LastPass Community. This is a valuable resource to get all your LastPass questions answered, talk to others who love and use LastPass daily, and more. Be sure to check it out.

#24 Keeping you in the know with helpful security tips

We are always publishing new content on the blog that provides tips on how to use LastPass even better and general security tips like “5 signs your email was hacked”.

#25 Growing our social community

As we celebrate our 25 million users, we’re celebrating our 205.5k followers on social media! Join us in the celebration by tweeting @LastPass with why you #LoveLastPass for a chance to win a prize!

Thank you for being part of the our strong LastPass community. We are excited to keep growing and protecting more people around the world.

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