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LastPass Gives Users More Multi-factor Authentication Options

LastPass is giving users the ability to supplement their primary multi-factor authentication method with additional authentication options. To do so, users simply need to enable each multi-factor authentication option in their account, and then configure the account based on their preferred form of authentication. The utility will allow users to set a default option, and to log in with alternative methods once they have been activated.

The password manager currently supports numerous multi-factor authentication options, including biometrics, one-time passcodes, and push notifications. The new feature will be deployed across all of the company’s channels, making it available to users of the LastPass iOS and Android apps, and to those using Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge web browsers.

Both individual and enterprise users will have access to the new feature, though enterprise customers will have the ability to configure the system and enforce multi-factor authentication across an entire organization. For example, businesses can dictate which forms of MFA their employees should use when accessing sensitive materials and can adjust those options as necessary to ensure the security of their operations.

The news comes shortly after a LastPass report that found that many people reuse the same password on most of their accounts. The company recently updated its MFA authentication suite to enable passwordless enterprise logins using biometric technology.

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