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Launches EnoStor CS Scale-Out NAS System that Delivers Highly Scalable Performance

Infortrend Technology launches its new EonStor CS scale-out NAS systems which supports 100+ GBps performance and more than 100 PB storage capacity. This brand new product line is a powerful addition to Infortrend’s offerings and serves HPC (high performance computing) and media & entertainment industries, which consume higher bandwidth and storage space. Moreover, the superior scalability allows EonStor CS to keep up as the business grows, making it the optimized data storage and management solution for enterprises.

With EonStor CS scale-out NAS, users could choose vertical scalability by storage capacity by adding up to 84 disks, or choose horizontal scalability by connecting up to 144 nodes (CS units). The excellent performance and capacity allow enterprises to handle data-intensive applications, and to be future-proof for unpredicted data growth. Therefore, CS is suitable for demanding applications, such as real-time data analytics, astronomical survey, large-scale video production companies, or video surveillance.

In addition to performance and scalability, EonStor CS features complete data protection and high data security. To prevent data loss, CS supports from disk to cluster protection mechanism. If any of the elements fails, the data will not be lost and the system performance will not be affected. Moreover, CS supports both SED (Self-Encryption Drive) and WORM (Write Once Read Many) to prevent data tampering.

As for system management, CS comes with a web-based centralized management software EonOne, which allows users to monitor and manage the entire cluster via graphical user interface anytime, anywhere. The modular design and redundant key components also allow CS to be easily maintained and replaced without interrupting system operation.

Mr Thomas Kao, Senior Director of Product Planning, Infortrend, said, “Towards the new data era, the industry is now either installing a new storage system or upgrading the existing ones. During the shift, customers meet challenges like performance and capacity requirements, system incompatibility, time-consuming data migration, or even downtime. The introduction of EonStor CS makes it easier to manage the high data volumes, the IT spending, and gain advantages of innovative applications,”

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